Featured: Apple Wants Up To $40 Per Phone & $30 Per Tablet From Samsung For Patent Licenses

Most of you definitely know that it's been nearly two weeks since the Apple vs Samsung trial started but despite all the evidences and leaked documents so far, it is still boiling. Each leaked document has revealed some amazing truths and facts about both companies. Well, a latest report regarding the case is a bit shocking and simply put, Stupid. Apple also regards Samsung as a "Key Partner" in the slides and states that "it is disappointed that Samsung has been infringing Apple's patents without proper license".

We already know that way back in 2010 Apple tried to sell its licenses to Samsung for patents they have been infringing upon. We also know that Apple demanded more than 2 billions in damages from Samsung. However, today's leaked documents show the exact number figures per license - $30 per smartphone and $40 per tablet. Apple thinks that this is a great offer and Samsung should respond in favorably. There's more to it, Apple wants $30 on each smartphone by Samsung including Android, Windows, Symbian and Bada, according to them all these phones are infringing on one or more of their patents.

We couldn't help but notice that these prices are a bit extravagant and understand why there was no progress back in 2010 when Apple wanted to negotiate with the Korean Giant. Check out the complete set of slides below to see what Apple claims to be its sole innovations and wants royalty fees on each every patent that Samsung may be using in their smartphones. You'll find that most of the slides and claims by Apple are preposterous, Notification bar? Yeah right that's Apple. Hit the slides below and let us know what you think about the whole case? Whose side are you on?
Apple's August 2010 presentation to Samsung on iPhone patents

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