Featured: Apple vs. Samsung: What Happens Next?


The jury's decision was a sad day for many Android lovers I'm sure. The fact that Apple walked away from this trial untouched is a bit alarming, and starts to make me wonder exactly how "unbiased" was this trial? Apple wasn't found guilty of anything, but yet in South Korea they were? Hmm, kind of makes a person wonder what is going on behind the scenes that us 'consumers' can't see.

So what happens now? There will be a preminlary hearing where both sides are able to discuss the verdict. Since so many of Samsung's devices were found to be infringing it is likely a ban will be put in place soon on all these devices. Apple has until August 27 to file their requests, or how they would like things to take place. It drives me nuts that Apple has such power right now as I don't think they deserve it. Once Apple files their requests, Samsung then has 2 weeks to respond, and then the hearing will take place on September 20 2012.

Apple is claiming "irreparable harm," but I don't see how? They aren't like HTC who is falling off the radar due to financial issues, so tell me, where did they suffer this so called 'harm?' It's just a shame to see how poorly this case has turned out. I will fully admit that I was rooting to see a verdict like South Korea where they were both found guilty. However, more news will be reported on, but for now these are the next steps in the case, with an appeal already in hot pursuit.


Sources: The Verge

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