Featured: Apple Can't Scare HTC: "No Plans to Settle Suits With Apple"


There's no doubt that the verdict of last week's trial has sent a sort of ripple throughout the Android world. Whilst it's not really affected me I'm more of the opinion that Apple fared worse, some out there might be thinking what this spells for the wider Android ecosystem. Well, whilst we've had a statement from Google stating that the patents involved in the case "don't relate to core Android" that doesn't help out the rest of the manufacturers out there. One manufacturer that has had tussles with Apple in the past is HTC, the Cupertino seem to be gunning down HTC for patent infringement – oh, Apple – and succeeded in delaying the launch of AT&T's One X and Sprint's EVO 4G LTE.

The Delaware court had ordered the two parties to settle however, HTC aren't willing to do that. Cher Wang has told Cynes recently that "Samsung's defeat does not mean that Google Inc.'s Android camp is defeated". Indeed, the Taiwan company are staunch in their defiance. Wang also revealed the company has no plans to settle the long ongoing suit with Apple, nor should they. The Taiwanese company has had tussles with Apple in courts around the world both recently and in the past. So, it's good to see HTC not backing down and sticking to their guns.

Once again, Apple will be made to look silly for suing another competitor because, let's face it, there's only so many suits Apple can bring before the public starts to realise that they're just getting a little bit desperate.

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