Sponsored App Review: Tokii


In today's world of social networking everybody is connected to everyone else but, what if we want some intimacy in our relationships, what if we want to get together with just our significant other? Tokii is here to help with this and provides us with a new type of network – a network that lets us connect with our partner without having to deal with the rest of the Internet's interferences. With games, news feeds and an innovative mood meter, Tokii has a lot to offer us who are looking for something different. Read on to find out more!

Description: There's a lot to be said for how smartphones and technology in general has helped us to stay in contact with our friends and significant others. Social Networking for instance, has long been a boon to those wanting to keep in touch but, networks such as Facebook are geared toward connecting with large amounts of people rather than focussing on that person who matters most – your partner! This is where Tokii comes in. Tokii is a platform that has been designed with relationships in mind. It's made to help you keep in touch with your partner no matter how long you've been together or how far apart you are from each other.
Tokii helps couples to rekindle the flame and get to know each other better with features such as their interactive DiscoveryGames (which will get you talking about everything from sex to sports to pop culture in no time) and their MoodMeter (which allows partners to tune into each other's feelings on a daily basis).  There's a lot on offer from Tokii both on Tokii.com and through the app so without further a do, let's get into why this app might be something new for you and your other to enjoy together!

How It Works:  To get started using Tokii couldn't be much easier, after installing it from the Play Store you'll be asked how you want to use Tokii. You can choose to connect with Facebook or create an account there and then. Whilst reviewing the app I went ahead and created my own account, which took no time at all. After doing this you'll be asked if you want to invite somebody into the relationship and, of course I invited my girlfriend into mine. After this it all starts with the News Feed which is where you'll be seeing updates from your partner and results from whatever games you've played together. You can also send an update to the feed that the two of you will be able to see. It's a fresh way to stay up to date with each other and it's ideal for long distance relationships!

The MoodMeter is a feature that allowed me to tune into my other half, its safe to say I thought this was a great addition. It's one of those features that's both beautifully simple and simply beautiful. Essentially, the MoodMeter allows users to set and share their moods with their significant other. You can pick from a number of different moods that have an accompanying emoticon that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing used here.What's more, you can add a comment and personalize your mood. The MoodMeter is a fun new way to let your partner know that you've had a bad day at the office or to express some good news.

Another important feature that is available on Tokii is their vast array of unique DiscoveryGames. These games are a fun way to connect with your partne.These games are unlike anything you're played before, and they're a great way to connect with your partner! Essentially, each game consists of a set of questions that you and your partner can answer in real time, or you can wait for each other's answers. The app offers a large selection of games covering a variety of topics that range from fun to serious to sexy. There are even current events games to choose from! For instance, you can see that my girlfriend and I played a quiz game about the London 2012 Olympics.

Now, I'm probably a little different from a lot of you out there in that I don't really use social networks all that much. I enjoy Twitter quite a lot and of course, you're all welcome to follow me but, I've never really liked Facebook. The service was great back when I was at college but, seeing as I don't keep in touch with a lot people from college I have very little use for it. My girlfriend and I however, are very much in touch with the internet and we like to share things and play games but, the thought of anybody else hijacking our fun has always been somewhat of an annoyance for me.


Tokii presents us with a real nice compromise, I can have all the interaction I want with my partner without anybody or anything getting in the way but, the option to share with others is still there. As somebody who grew up with technology and enamored with it I love interacting with people through it so, the prospect of being able to connect with my girlfriend through technology in a natural way is refreshingly pleasant for me.



  • Speed (4/5) – Tokii is easy to set up and the games don't take all that long, the service is snappy enough.
  • Features (5/5) – The app manages to perfect that balance between offering a lot and offering too much, the balance here is perfect and there's more than enough to do.
  • Theme (4/5) – Pleasing visuals that don't get in the way is what mobile apps are all about and Tokii pulls this off brilliantly.
  • Overall (4/5) – I've enjoyed my time with Tokii and will continue to do so, the app and its partnering service will only get better.




  • A news feed solely for you and your partner is a much welcome addition and one that's going to be used to great effect over time.
  • Discovery games are both fun and purposeful, you can find out a lot about your partner with each game you play.
  • I love the Mood Meter, to be able to express my grouchy mood without having my girlfriend get caught in my crossfire is brilliant.



  • I'd like to see more interaction with the web to share sites but, I'm sure they're working on this.
  • A tablet version would be nice to see but, this worked just fine on my Touchpad.

I've really enjoyed my time reviewing Tokii and it'll continue to become of great use between myself and my girlfriend. Tokii skates the fine line between keeping it simple and being a little barebones, it pulls this off well and is a joy to use, so often I find apps are bogged down with features that don't fit the purpose of the app and generally get in the way. This is not the case here and with the number of features on offer here, each has its purpose and each one works just fine. The MoodMeter, for instance, is a quick and efficient way to let your partner know if you're happy, annoyed or upset. What's more, the games on offer are vast, polished and up to date. Playing a game about the Olympics with my partner was a lot of fun… and we did pretty well! We're going to continue to have fun with this app and I encourage all of you to do the same!

If you've still not gone to the Play Store to grab this then, let me help you out with a link.