Featured: Verizon Drops Galaxy Nexus to $99 on Contract

July 23, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner


As of this morning, Verizon has dropped the price of the Galaxy Nexus to $99.00! This is quite a shocker at first because, well, it’s Verizon! Speculators are wondering if this is a sign that the Galaxy Nexus is on its way out. With the Samsung Galaxy III, the Galaxy Nexus has definitely lost its “wow” factor.

Many mobile users still feel that the Galaxy Nexus is one of the best devices out on the mobile market today, and I am one of those users. The Galaxy Nexus is a “fully stock” developer device. It will always have the newest version of Android before anything else, so why wouldn’t it still be considered a great phone?  Even though Verizon may take their time with providing updates for their devices, we have the Android Community who can put out updates and still provide Verizon users the latest and greatest when it comes to updates.



So, if you are itching to get a Galaxy Nexus, now would be the time to go and pick one up with Verizon. The only catch to this deal is that it’s with a 2 year contract. It’s up to you, but the Galaxy Nexus is still a great device with huge developer capabilities.


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