Featured: Top 10 Games for the Nexus 7 Tablet

Here at Android Headlines, we like to keep in the loop with all the really important news and, these days, as much as the latest and greatest hardware matter nothing matters as much as the apps. We all need and love apps and you know what I think we love even more than that? Games! Without further a do, we're going to let you in on what we think are the Top 10 games for the Nexus 7!

10. Amazing Alex

For a long time now, Rovio have been one of the most popular game developers on Android. Ever since they saw the light and brought Angry Birds to our beloved platform they've enjoyed massive success. Recently they released a completely new game to the Play Store, Amazing Alex features a new spin on the physics based gameplay you've come to love from their other offerings and brings with it some extras. There's a number of versions available ranging from Free to a pricier HD version, which is going to look sweet on that 1280x800 display, right?

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9. Minecraft Pocket Edition

I'll come clean straight away - I'm a massive fan of Minecraft and have been for years. When it was first brought to mobile I was a little underwhelmed, it was nowhere near parity with the PC, especially seeing as I play a lot in the Survival mode. I'm happy to see though, that now, the game has come on leaps and bounds and is something that I'm sure fans of the franchise both old and new can find enjoyable and addictable. It's a great game and has a really nice feel to it and works really well on a smaller tablet just like the Nexus 7. With a number of control systems it's easy to get to grips with as well. There's also a free version to try before you buy so, what are you waiting for?

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8. The Amazing Spider-Man

It seems that this summer is going to be a hit summer for comic themed blockbusters of which Spider-Man is one of and when there's big-money movies there's normally big-money games involved. Gameloft seems to be the developer that the studios are going with and they've done a great job on the amazing Spider-Man, with stellar graphics and classic gameplay that will keep fans both new and old happy it's for sure a keeper and a game that has to be on your new Nexus tablet, for sure.

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7. Shadowgun THD

If you enjoy gaming on Android then you must have heard of Shadowgun. The game that was everywhere last year is still a great game and, being optimised for Tegra 3 devices - like the one in the Nexus - it comes with amazing graphics, good sound and awesome gameplay. It's been called the Gears of War of Android and that's real praise, it certainly lives up and is an awesome game to play. Due to onscreen controls it's better played on a 7" tablet as holding in two hands feels more natural for gaming. Go ahead and take a look at one of the best action games for Android!

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6. Riptide GP

If you like to tilt your tablet whilst you play then, Riptide is a game you must play, if you haven't already. It's a fantastic game that has you race through wacky, futuristic tracks on a high-powered speed boat to win. The graphics are really good and the gameplay is original and fresh, it's easy to pick up and play and great for a quick race or two on the commute to work and back. Riptide is one of those games you have to play to see what all the fuss is about, speaking of which, go and play it!

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5. Fruit Ninja

This is a game that I absolutely love. It's addictive gameplay and amazingly simple but amazing use of the whole touch screen is incredible. How on earth Halfbrick managed to make a game this addictive I'll never know. Slicing fruit is something that you don't really think of doing as a Ninja but, when you play the game, it all makes so much sense. If you happen to have a stylus lying around then you simply must pick the two up and get playing! Once you set a massive score in arcade more you won't function properly until you beat it, speaking of which, let me know if you can beat mine; 783!

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4. Grand Theft Auto III

Obviously, not a game for everybody to play here but, a fantastic high-end game nonetheless. A cult classic on PC, GTA has long been a big money spinner for a number of reasons, one of which being the immense polish that Rockstar lather on every time they release a new game. The port to Android has been no exception and GTAIII plays better on the Nexus 7 than it did on any PC back in the day. A great game to be able to put into your pocket and definitely something to help show off your shiny Nexus 7 to friends. It's a little pricey but, remember that you'll be getting a full PC game essentially on something that'll fit in your jacket pocket.

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3. Angry Birds in Space

No matter how much you fight it, there's no stopping the birds from Rovio, the original is still great to play on anything but, when Angry Birds Rio hit, it was clear that the formula needed shaking up if they were to keep things fresh. Enter the final frontier, space. Rovio's use of gravity in this latest iteration of the Angry Birds series is a refreshing change that adds a new dynamic to the game and makes the concept of smashing pigs fun again. This is a must have for a tablet like the Nexus 7.

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2.  The Dark Knight Rises

Unless you've been living under a rock for quite some time, then you must have heard about the latest in the Batman movie franchise. Controversy aside, it's a fantastic film and one of the best these last few years. Such a film deserves a high-end game, surely? Gameloft have done just that and deliver perfectly, this is going to look and play fantastic thanks to the Tegra 3 in the Nexus. It could be seen as a little pricey but, with Gameloft being a major player in the mobile space it's going to be worth it! Just don't play it on the way to the theater to watch it again, please?

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1. Dead Trigger

There's been some controversy surrounding the latest game from Madfinger thanks to high-piracy and in-app purchases but, this shouldn't detract you from what really matters - the game itself. I'm happy to say that it's one of the best games out there for anything, let alone the fantastic Nexus 7, thanks to support for extended effects on systems with Tegra 3 the graphics here are stunning. The gameplay is addictive and rewarding as well, there are plenty of weapons, which they add all the time and the ability to extend your gear to mow those Zombies down even faster.

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