Featured: Sony unveiling new hardware at Pre-IFA Event in Berlin?

July 25, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today Sony started sending out invitations to a Pre-IFA Press Conference and booth unveiling for August 29th, from 4:15pm-5:00pm, for those of us here in the US that’s 10:15am-11:00am EST). Looks like invitations may not have been sent out to everyone, but anyone with a valid press accreditation for IFA can join the event. So the big question is, what does Sony have in store for us?

Perhaps we’ll see the Xperia SL which is said to have a CPU bump over the Xperia S which we first saw at Mobile World Congress earlier this year in Barcelona. There’s also the LT29i Hayabusa which has a beautiful 4.55″ HD display with a 13MP camera and Android 4.0.4, then there’s the Snapdragon S4 LT30i Mint also running Android 4.0.4, which also has a nice 13MP camera and HD display.

So far we have no idea what Sony is going to unveil to the world on August 29th, but it’s looking like it’ll probably be the Xperia SL, but who knows.

[Source: GSMArena]