Featured: Sony Looking to Take Another Shot at the Tablet Market? Details of Xperia Tablet Leak Out


Sony haven't been all that active when it comes to the tablet market, last year they released but two tablets onto the market. Of course, you can't expect every manufacturer pull a Samsung and release a tablet for every single display panel ever made. The Tablet S and the Tablet P from Sony were, if anything, distinct. The P was a little strange in that it wasn't really what you'd call a tablet but, at the same point you wouldn't really know what to call it. The S on the other hand, whilst still different, was more generic fare and came with the usual Tegra 2 processor and 1GB RAM that was standard at the time, the tablet had a distinctive design that involved an interesting wedge shape that let the tablet sit well on your lap or a table. Other than that though, Sony have been quiet on the tablet front.

There's now news that Sony may be ready to launch another tablet onto the market with some renewed enthusiasm under the company's Xperia branding. Sony are said to be following the design of the Tablet S and refining its features for instance, it's going to be around 40% thinner than the S, 8.8mm at its thinnest and 11.85mm at its thickest. As well as being overall thinner, the tablet is going to have an outer shell of splash-proof aluminium although, I doubt you could take this in the bath tub with you. Under the hood there's going to be a Tegra 3 quad-core as well as a massive 6,000 maH battery that'll last you a rough 10 hours. For storage you're going to be offered 16, 32 and 64GB varieties, there's no word on an SD card slot just yet. Apparently, there's going to be 3G connectivity available as well, making this a potential candidate for a road warrior. Hopefully, Sony will have their act together and be launching this with Jelly Bean.


Perhaps the most interesting part of this latest tablet from Sony is a cover that doubles as a keyboard and kickstand, much like that of the Microsoft Surface running Windows 8. To have an accessory such as this might catch a few eyes and you never know, it might just give Sony a little bit of an edge out there on shelves. We'll bring you more when we have it, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw this at IFA next month. It's apparently going to retail for $449.99 which, for a 16GB ten-inch tablet isn't too bad but, with that ridiculous price of the Nexus 7 it doesn't sound all that good, does it?

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