Featured: Samsung vs. Apple: Australian Judge Refers to Trial as "Ridiculous"

We have all been reading and keeping up on the case of Apple and Samsung. Apple is claiming that Samsung has "infringed" on their patents, surprise, surprise.

A Federal Court Justice by the name of Annabelle Bennett who has been in charge of "overseeing" the trial, called the proceedings "ridiculous!" She then asked lawyers:

"Why on earth are these proceedings going ahead?"

Go Judge Bennett! These patent infringements are just ridiculous, and it would seem that Apple enjoys making a spectacle out of themselves by suing just about everyone saying they infringed on one of their patents. Judge Bennett even made a humorous suggestion that Apple and Samsung be sent to mediation. The two companies have actually been ordered to mediation, but by the end of the session there was "no clear agreement."

After this all started, Samsung has since counter sued Apple claiming that Apple "refused to engage in negotiations" over its 3G patents. However, Stephen Burley, Apple's lawyer disputes this statement claiming that Apple was willing and ready to work with the company, but Samsung refused.

The trial between the two companies began today and will run through the week. I can only hope that in the light of Judge Bennett's opinions that she put Apple and their "patent infringements" where they belong, which is thrown out.


Sources: The Verge

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