Featured: Samsung Outships Apple, Other Manufacturers Doing Alright

The battle between Samsung and Apple isn't going to end anytime soon and with the recent launch of the Galaxy S III, the South Korean company is looking to make their smartphone the best selling Android smartphone of the year. Of course the S3 isn't the only phone they're selling, unlike Apple who's just got the iPhone and a few variants that are still on the market.

Samsung posted their financials for the second quarter of 2012 and part of that was their smartphone shipments. They managed to ship a whopping 50.2 Million. As far as their growth, their smartphone shipments have grown 172.8 percent year over year and have 32.6 percent market share. Apple shipped 26 Million which gives them 16.9 percent of the smartphone market.

In overall mobile shipments, Samsung shipped a whopping 97.8 Million. Quite the feat and while this is devices shipped, not sold, the company increased profits by 79 percent to $5.86 Billion. With their competitors, Nokia shipped 10.2 Million smartphones, HTC 8.8 Million, and ZTE 8 Million. Samsung is clearly the top dog when it comes to Android smartphones and it's no wonder Apple is so adamant with banning the sale of their devices.

Let's not forget that Apple managed to sell 35.1 Million iPhones in the second quarter. It's very easy for people to confuse shipments with sales. The iPhone isn't going anywhere anytime soon, especially with the iPhone 5 coming out soon, but neither is Samsung, as evidenced by their shipments and healthy profits.

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