Featured: Samsung Feels that the iPhone Wouldn't Exist Without Them; You Know What? They're Right!


Sooooo, who's getting fed up with law suits yet? We are for sure, here at Android Headlines I think you can clearly see that we pretty much unanimously as a team think the whole thing is ridiculous and want it all to come to a stop as soon as possible. Having said that, a good law suit every now and then certainly does wonders for those of us looking for some juicy secrets or just some good old fashion mud-slinging. This time around it was Samsung in the Wall Street Journal, the Korean company were clear to make sure it was known that they had been around a lot longer than Apple when it comes to mobile and that without them the iPhone couldn't exist which, is completely true.

Samsung went on to list a great many reasons why Samsung are the bigger player when it comes to mobile than Apple ever were – "Samsung has been researching and developing mobile telecommunications technology since at least as early as 1991 and invented much of the technology for today's smartphones." Sammy were more than happy to make it clear that Apple "could not have sold a single iPhone without the benefit of Samsung's patented technology" as well as going on to say that "Apple seeks to exclude Samsung from the market, based on its complaints that Samsung has used the very same public domain design concepts that Apple borrowed from other competitors, including Sony, to develop the iPhone. Apple's own internal documents show this". You can read more on what I, myself, have to say about the whole "Sony"  situation here.

"Apple has admitted in internal documents that its strength is not in developing new technologies first, but in successfully commercializing them" comes from the mouth of Samsung as well and, at this stage of the game, a lot of what's been doing has already been done and it wasn't by companies like Apple, it was the Samsungs, the Nokias and the HTCs of the world that gave birth to the technologies that we all know and love on devices today. The fact that Apple are suing Samsung for patent infringement on design grounds obviously doesn't sit well with Samsung and they had this to say "Samsung does not need or want to copy; rather, it strives to best the competition by developing multiple, unique products. Samsung internal documents from 2006, well before the iPhone was announced, show rectangular phones with rounded corners, large displays, flat front faces, and graphic interfaces with icons with grid layouts." Apple are not the diving creator of the touchscreen phone, they were merely the people that put it together and slapped a metallic fruit on the back of it, in our eyes Apple are playing a dangerous game here and it's surprising that the US Courts are letting them win on silly grounds however, with Judges like Lucy Koh this might well continue to happen for a while to come. I'm going to leave you with some strong words from our friends over at Samsung, whom we wish receive justice in the courts.


"Apple relied heavily on Samsung's technology to enter the telecommunications space, and it continues to use Samsung's technology to this day in its iPhone and iPad products. For example, Samsung supplies the flash memory, main memory, and application processor for the iPhone. . . But Apple also uses patented Samsung technology that it has not paid for. This includes standards-essential technology required for Apple's products to interact with products from other manufacturers, and several device features that Samsung developed for use in its products" I couldn't have said it better myself!

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