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As a Brit myself, its great to have my home nation host the Olympics, as such, it's fantastic to see apps like Adaptxt add features to accommodate fans of the Olympics with their new update.

If you're unfamiliar with the Adaptxt keyboard – available for both Android phones and tablets – then you can check out video reviews for the phone and the tablet as well as written reviews for the phone and tablet version as well.


Keypoint Technologies have updated the excellent Adaptxt keyboard for both Android based phones and tablets. They've bought us a couple of new features that tie-in well with this year's Olympic Games. A new keyboard theme has arrived with a bright look to it with a nice splash of colour in the background, as well as this there's a new add-on entitled "2012 Sports (EN) Dictionary" that's going to get you talking about your favourite sports quicker and easier. Alongside all this the smartphone version of the keyboard has gotten a completely new feature called the "Xplore" key which makes the already powerful keyboard even more so.

What's New For Adaptxt on Tablets?

As you can see from the screenshot above, the guys over at Keypoint Technologies have added some extra flare to the Adaptxt keyboard on tablets. The new theme is designed with the Olympics in mind, with a brilliant white theme and the five colours of the Olympic rings running throughout the background as a bright burning flame. As keyboard themes go it's easily read and is perfect for those moments tweeting about the Basketball from the sofa!

As well as a new theme, in aid of the Olympics they've also added the "2012 Sports (EN) Dictionary" add-on which will add another valuable dictionary to Adaptxt's already massive amount available. As with all other add-ons this will add a set of subject specific language that'll be used in conjunction with the keyboard's powerful next word correction as well as the keyboard's incredibly accurate prediction technology. For the next couple of weeks this is going to be an incredible way to quickly talk about the Olympics with friends and family. In the screenshot above you can see that this add-on, when set to a high-priority, is geared towards this year's games, this is simply installed through the add-on manager found within Adaptxt's settings.


If you haven't already installed the Adaptxt Keyboard, you can find it here for tablets.

What's New in Adaptxt for Phones?

The phone version of the Adaptxt keyboard hasn't been left behind in fact; the phone version is graced with the same fantastic theme that the Tablet has as well as the new "2012 Sports (EN) Dictionary" add-on you can see above. The theme on the phone is just as simple to install and all you need do is update the app from the Play Store. The theme works just as nicely on the phone version and everything is just as readable as before and is going to be great when sending messages across the web about the major events that are sure to be spectacular when it comes to The Greatest Show on Earth!

Once the Sports add-on is given a high priority the keyboard will be ready to correct and predict anything you have to say about the Olympics, making that Tweet about a disqualification that little bit easier! As always with Adaptxt the add-on is a welcome addition to the already amazing keyboard and is going to cut the time it takes you to beam about your country's gold medals in half.



The Xplore feature is a completely new addition to the Adaptxt keyboard available exclusively for Android smartphones. It's called Xplore because it helps you do just that, this feature will help you enjoy whatever Sports events you love with your phone quicker and more efficiently. What Xplore does is places a new button at the bottom left of the keyboard with a little light bulb on it. This bulb will then light up – unobtrusively – once you've input a keyword that sets it off. This new feature will respond to Sports keywords like athletes names, team names as well as different sports. The Xplore button will work from words you've typed in or those you've selected from the suggestion bar. For instance, in the screenshot below you can see that I typed 'Swimming' and that this has set the Xplore button alight.


What does it do? Well, the Xplore button is an innovative feature that when presented with a sports keyword that is relevant to this year's Summer Games it will search the web and deliver you to a relevant link. As above I stated that 'Swimming' set the Xplore key alight, when I pressed the key it sent to me the Wikipedia page for Swimming at the 2012 Olympics as you can see below. This is an amazing feature that's going to be great whilst watching the games and you want to know more about whatever event you might be watching. The feature is turned on by default and is available as soon as you update the app.

Of course, the other keyboard players on Android have also readied updates for their products in time for the Olympics, SwiftKey being one in particular. The keyboard recently got an update to its language packs that fill out the dictionary for Sports fans. However, it's not all that well executed and doesn't give the same level of prediction that Adaptxt can offer, if you want to know more on how SwiftKey measures up against Adaptxt then you can take a look at our comparison of the two here.


For those of you that haven't already installed Adaptxt I recommend that you give it a try, you can find it for Android powered phones here and for tablets here.

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