Featured: Nvidia’s Tegra 3 Now Supports Miracast

July 26, 2012 - Written By Dilawer Soomro

Streaming content including videos, music and even games from your tablet/smartphone without the aid of wires is going to be a lot easier, thanks to Miracast standard. Nvidia is also ready to support the technology and integrate it in their Tegra 3 chips, transforming your handheld device into wireless gaming and media-streaming machines.

The new Wi-Fi Alliance specification known as “Miracast” is going to make it very simple for users to stream content from a tablet/mobile to a bigger display such as HDTV. Nvidia is the latest to support the standard with their Tegra 3 chip. Miracast will be seen in many devices in the coming months, Wi-Fi Alliance will soon start device certification for the technology.

With the Miracast technology directly integrated into Tegra 3 chips, devices powered by the chip will be able to stream not only videos and music but will also support the streaming of console-quality games to your HDTV for even better experience. The Miracast will be simple to set-up all you need is a miracast certified device, a certified display and both should be on the same Wi-Fi network, say goodbye to tangly wires.

Gaming on a Tegra 3 device shows much more detailed graphics and a smooth gaming experience than any other device. Other chip makers have also announced the Miracast support but I assume Nvidia will use wireless gaming and low battery consumption as their main selling point. You can check out the Tegra 3 with Miracast in the demo below.