Featured: Nexus Q Sold Out in Just One Day At Google Play Store

nexus q sold out already

Well, It was just yesterday that Google had started shipping their first social streaming device, Nexus Q from the Play store but looks like the 24 hours period was pretty long as the whole first batch of Nexus Q players have been sold out already. Yes! just within 24 hours, Can you believe it? Me neither. You can see that the official Nexus Q page over at  Google Play store now shows the following message.

Ships in 2 – 3 weeks. Applicable shipping and taxes calculated at checkout. Learn more›

This huge demand is the green signal for Google to bring out more Nexus Q units. Maybe Google just had a limited number of units in their first batch because if that’s true then this is not a big achievement. The Nexus Q has followed-in the stoops of its cousin, Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 16GB is also out of stock at Google Play.

Looks like the new line of Nexus devices have brought the good luck for Google. This might be the right time for Google Marketing execs to celebrate because the new iPhone is surely going to kill this hype to a certain extent.