Featured: Nexus 7 Unboxing shows place for rear camera

July 27, 2012 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Google’s first Nexus tablet, the Nexus 7 built by ASUS is undoubtedly a great tablet. In fact many people including myself have had a hard time putting it down since receiving it. But the one thing that shocked many people about it, there is no rear facing camera. Only a front facing camera primarily for Google+ hangouts. But it looks like the original plan was to have a rear facing camera, or maybe ASUS is planning on reusing the board in other devices.

Adam at XDA unboxes the device a bit differently than most reviewers. He takes the device out of the box and then takes it apart. As shown in the video below you can see that there is a place for a rear facing camera on the board (the camera stuff starts around the 5:30 mark).

We did hear that Google had decided to take out the rear-facing camera in the Nexus 7, to keep the price of the Nexus 7 down to $199 to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Do you think Google could have sold more Nexus 7’s if there was a rear camera?

[Source: XDA]