Featured: iOS Developer Calls Out Google, Says Android is "Broken" And "Designed For Piracy"

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Matt Gemmell, iOS and Mac developer has used his personal blog to slam(troll) Google for Android’s open environment. The platform that is widely known for letting developers easily submit their apps to Google Play is also making it simple for pirates to steal apps. He says that one can simply remove .apk files from a rooted Android device and install them on another device, this process is known as “Side-Loading”. When talking about the open ecosystem of Android, Gemmell states that

“It [Android] is designed for piracy from the ground up. The existence of piracy isn’t a surprise, but rather an inevitability.”

Really Mr.Gemmell? You think there is no piracy on iOS? Have you not heard of the terms Jailbreaking and Side-Loading on iOS devices? IGNORANT!

He also used the recent price drop of Dead Trigger as an example to show how badly the Android system is broken. He states that developers need to get paid for their hardwork because it is cash that drives the developers to write compelling apps that help smartphone users. He argues that the final solution to prevent app theft and piracy on Android is to lock down the system. He says

“If you want a platform to be commercially viable for third-party software developers, you have to lock it down,”

He Concludes his writing by suggesting Google to control this part of the OS because being

“closed is better for business.”

Mr.Gemmell, you didn’t even mention sandboxing and AAL (Android’s Application Licensing) techniques that check for a valid license before executing an app, maybe because you’re in blind defense of Apple. Instead of writing this lengthy posts you should concentrate more on writing some good code because as far as I know, you only have one (Buggy/Crappy) app on iOS and nothing on Android. Check out the complete argument here and feel free to share your thoughts with us.