Featured: Ice Cream Sandwich Now Scooped by 10 Per Cent of Users


Every time that there's a major version of Android released we always like to keep tabs on it to see how well it's progressing through the huge numbers of users out there in the wild. Android 4.0 has been a little bit different this time around, it took phones and tablets a lot long longer than I think we all thought it would. For instance, Motorola's Droid RAZR only received Ice Cream Sandwich just at the end of last month.

The numbers for last month are now in from Google and there's been a rise – as there always is – of how many users are now running the latest version of the OS. 1 in 10 Android users out there are now rocking Ice Cream Sandwich, of course this is nowhere the number we think it should be but, as long as OEMs and Carriers – especially the carriers – keep dragging their feet then it's just going to be the same old story over and over again.

Gingerbread (of the 2.3.3 variety) is still the top dog when it comes to the code bases and FroYo is behind that. I suppose we should be thankful that even this many have gotten their hands on Ice Cream Sandwich but, I'd like to think that this time next year the landscape will look a little different thanks to the announcement of the Platform Development Kit at this year's I/O event.


[Source: Engadget]

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