Featured: HTC Files Counter-Claim Against Apple for Infringement of Two Acquired Patents


The so-called "Patent Wars" seem to have become no more than a mud-slinging contest at this point. With all the big players, whether mobile or not, seeing who can throw the most mud to deal the most damage. This time around it seems HTC have got a couple mud-balls together to throw back in the face of Apple.

The Taiwanese company has filed a counter-claim against Apple in Florida for infringement upon two patents that it acquired from the one and only HP – which originally acquired through its purchase of Electronic Data Systems back in 2008. Yes, Patents are now being sold like livestock. HTC are claiming that Apple is infringing upon the two patents – U.S. Patent NOs   7,571,221 and 7,120,684 – across a number of devices shipped by Apple.

The '221 patent is the most interesting one here as HTC claim that devices from the Cupertino outfit ranging from Macs to iPhones shipping with embedded network servers that connected services that form such things as Newsstand all infringe on this patent. Its interesting to note that the iPad – Apple's darling they drag out in every tablet case – in explicitly included in the infringement case from HTC.


On to the '684 patent and it seems that HTC are going after Apple's computer side of things, according to the claim Apple's Remote Desktop, Profile Manager as well services/applications that include and/or use the Remote Desktop all infringe on this patent.

So, there you have it, HTC seem to be fighting back however, as always, I doubt that Apple are much fussed by this latest claim if, at all. To the Evil Lawyer Empire (TM Android Headlines) down at Cupertino, HTC is but another fly for the swatter. More likely than not, the court will land in favour of Apple and if not, HTC will certainly settle for some cash.

I have to wonder though, this is all getting a little ridiculous and yet, the US Law System seems happy to stand by and let it happen, if only there were more Judge Posners, am I right?


[Source: PCWorld]

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