Featured: Google's Project Glass Will Lock Itself When It Senses Theft, Shows Patent


Google's latest innovation in the world of wearable computers is a dream come true for many of us. Yes, I'm talking about the Google Project Glass. These glasses will surely change the way we look at things. Although, there are no official words on the availability of these glasses but Attendees of Google I/O were given a golden chance to buy the early units of the Project Glass for a price of $1,500.

It is certain that when these lucky people get their hands on this beautiful piece of technology there will be some prying eyes just waiting for an opportunity to get their hands on it. Well, Google has already thought about that and come up with a secure motion based detection of theft or foul play.

Google has recently been granted a patent for an innovative method that will lock down the glass unit when it detects "Unnatural movements". So, if someone tries to sneak-up behind you to slip-off your unit then it will lock-down and also alarm the authorities about the theft. The first units for developers will be available by early 2013.


Below is an overview of the patent.

A wearable computer determines unnatural movements of a head-mounted display (HMD) and triggers a locking mechanism. In one embodiment, the wearable computer receives movement data from one or more sensors and determines that the movement of the HMD is unnatural. In one embodiment, the wearable computer receives movement data from one or more sensors and determines that the HMD is being worn by an unauthorized user. In response to determining an unnatural movement and/or an unauthorized user wearing the HMD, the wearable computer triggers a locking mechanism, which can beneficially provide security measures for the wearable computer.

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