Featured: Google shows off RC andy; The best of employee perks

Ever since gmail, chrome, and android took off Google has been a place ive pined over as a place of employment. There is just something that has to be said for a company that gives you personalized hangout rooms complete with sleeping pods that wake you up on a timer. Not to mention all the cool android perks. I mean who are we kidding. Just for the android perks alone is enough to want a job. Here Google shows off just another one of those special little gems us general public will never have the opportunity to possess. The version of android we can never get our hands on. The RC version. Complete with remote control and a little moving Andy that would make the energizer bunny look like a punk. What would make this thing even cooler is if the arms moved and they could clasp onto things and you could turn little RC Andy into your own personal butler. "I'll take some jelly beans Andy. Please and thank you." On the serious side of things I'd be pretty stoked to have that remote in hand and drive this guy around for just a little while. This isn't the only thing employees get to embrace though that will never see the light of day for us. Rumor has it there are special hangout parties using the nexus Q during the workday. On top of that, specialized limited edition Galaxy Nexus battery covers that, should you be able to call yourself an employee and find yourself commuting to mountain view for work every morning, might find their way into your possession. I don't know about you, but I'm in. As for this little remote control Andy, he's a special breed all his own. You can inflate him up then roll him around to do hour bidding. Well, not really, he can't do your bidding for you but he sure is cool and you can probably annoy plenty of people which is just as good for a laugh. The company who manufactures little Andy, called Bladez Toyz, apparently made him exclusive for Google, but not to worry us regular people will get a slice of the action as well with different models. Sure they won't be as cool but I'm just glad I will have a chance t buy one. What about you guys? Does this thing look like it'll find a home amongst all your other android fan toys?

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