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How many of you thought the Nexus 7 would out do the Kindle Fire when it was released? I know I for one did! Many speculators out there, didn't think the Nexus 7 had what it takes to take down the popular Kindle Fire. It's a great device, plus it's cheap! I have many friends and family who received it for Christmas and love it. I for one wasn't impressed.


If you look at the Nexus 7 you can see its popularity shine, the 16GB Nexus 7 sold out by Google themselves! That is pretty impressive, but to me? I'm not surprised one bit. For one, it's Google, and secondly? It's a Nexus device. I for one, have seen how well Google makes their  devices, not to mention they had a great manufacturer like Asus make it! Google also made it even better by giving us a great 'Nexus' device for an affordable price that even I can afford! Score!! So there you have it, great hardware, affordable price, it doesn't get any better than that folks.

Since word has leaked out into the world of the Nexus 7 and it's awesomeness, many are rushing to get one but are saddened to see, like I mentioned above, it's sold out and there is no date as when stock will be replenished.

So what makes this device better than the Kindle Fire? I was able to come across the top 10 reasons, but in my mind? The mere fact it's a device produced by Google is all it needed for me to be 'in like Flynn.' Some are starting to state that Amazon may need to start thinking of a strategy game if they want to keep the Kindle Fire on the market.



Top Reasons Google Nexus 7 'Slaughters' the  Kindle Fire

  • Design- The Nexus 7 design rocks out the Kindle Fire's very basic design.
  • Price Value – If you look at Kindle Fire and its advancements its value doesn't match its price. However, the Google Nexus 7 shows it's has great hardware, latest Operating System, but price is low. In English terms? The Kindle Fire has many advancements users would like to see, but can't because it would cost more than the tablet itself.
  • TWO Affordable Price Options- 8GB Nexus 7 = $199.00  16GB Nexus 7 = $249.00
  • Quad-Core Tegra 3 Processor- The latest and greatest mobile processor from Nvidia


The world's first mobile super processors, NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core and Tegra® 2 dual-core processors deliver unprecedented performance in a wide range of mobile devices. Extreme multitasking. The best Web experience, with up to two times faster browsing and hardware-accelerated Flash. Console-quality gaming with an integrated ultra-low power (ULP) NVIDIA GeForce® GPU. Even HD video capabilities unlike anything seen before in mobile processors."



Now, I don't even need these reasons to know that the Nexus 7 will blow the Kindle Fire out of the water. The Kindle Fire is a good device sure, but it could use a lot more to be a GREAT device. The Nexus 7 is already a GREAT device when it was released. However, many may not sure the same view as I do, which is alright too. I'm a what they call a technology "geek" and I want the latest and greatest, and ladies and gentlemen, the Nexus 7 is exactly that!



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