Featured: Gameloft Brings us Dark Knight Rises on July 20th

Most of you are familiar with gameloft. They have been releasing some big name games onto Android for a couple of years now. When it comes to blockbuster movie titles, putting together a team of developers and cranking out some games based off the big screen seems to be a trend for Gameloft. Earlier this year they released some other major blockbuster movie titles based off of Spiderman and Men in Black III, the third major movie Game for them looks to be giving fans of the Dark knight and the Batman: Arkham console games some mobile ass kicking action.

I've long been a fan of Batman, ever since I can remember, and I absolutely loved the new series of Batman movies from Christopher Nolan. So, I can say that as a huge fan of Batman, and recent great games from Gameloft such as N.O.V.A. 3, I am plenty excited about this game. I'm at least going to give it a shot and see what it's all about. Just by judging from the trailer this game seems like it's going to have some pretty awesome graphics. As a core gamer though, graphics get me only a portion of the way. The game has to be fun. It has to play well, the storyline has to be semi decent and the dialogue can't suck. I'm not saying that this game won't surpass all of those rigorous check points of mine, but Gameloft has not always put out the best of titles. I remember being jacked up for Dungeon Hunter 3 for the better part of a year almost and finally when it released onto android, I played it for a few days and was sorely disappointed. Compared to their previous titles in the series, DH3 had just fallen completely off the grid in terms quality. I understand what they were trying to do with the game, but they messed with something that wasn't broken and we as consumers and gamers played for it. None the less, this most recent addition to their gaming library looks to be promising.

Here's to hoping it will be everything I know I'm hoping it will be. For those of you out there that are huge fans of Gameloft games, then this one's for you and you can look forward to upholding Gothams law through Batman's arsenal of gadgets and martial arts come July 20 when the Dark Knight Rises movie releases as well. No real details about the game have been dropped as of yet but I can imagine something will pop up soon as the 20 is not too far away. All I can ask from Gameloft is that they put some effort into this game like N.O.V.A. 3. I never played the new Spiderman game they put out this year, or the M.I.B. III game. They both looked awful though and seemed to just be a lot of really good action shots and trailers. Maybe if I'm lucky I can be sitting in the theatre in the next few days waiting for Dark Knight Rises to start, while I'm playing this new game on my Gnex. If you're looking forward to this game, take to the streets of your town dressed up as Batman doing funny antics (Toronto Batman anyone?) and then post photos back here to this article in the comments. Cause I sure as hell would want to see those!


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