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Hey guys, starting this week were going to start giving you a featured game of the week to help you gamers out there become familiar with some of the many great titles available from the play store. Look forward to a new game spotlight each week from me complete with screenshots, videos and a of course a breakdown of the game and what it's about. I'll be going through some basics of the gameplay and then just give you an overall rating of what I think.

To jump off this great new addition to androidheadlines, I'll be leading into the gamers spotlight with Rovio's new game called Amazing Alex. Now the only people out there who shouldn't be appreciating this title are you haters of Angry Birds. To the rest of you, this game is an addicting mind-boggling puzzler in true Rovio fashion as it is backed up with some of their classic physics gameplay. If you've ever played any angry birds game, you know what I mean.

First off, I want to say that this game is very well put together and is a great game to hold me over till the next Angry Birds game comes out. Right at the beginning of the game I noticed that the visuals were much better than I had anticipated, (I purchased the HD version of the game.) and it was very easy to play. Rovio has done ... wait for it... an "AMAZING" job with making sure they instruct how to play through the game and learn its basics. The idea of Amazing Alex is that he is a bored kid with a boundless imagination who decides to pass the time by setting up his toys and other various tools from around the bedroom, backyard and so forth to create chain reactions. Some levels require you to create a setup that results in some of Alex's balls making it into a bucket or basket, all while collecting at least one of the three stars throughout the level. Other levels will have you setting up a chain reaction that ends up cutting loose a balloon or two.

There are plenty of obstacles that have been set up in each level that could aid and assist you or stop you from creating just the right chain reaction. Along with only a handful of certain tools in each level you will have to use your mind to solve the physics based puzzle of the levels dynamic to obtain the levels goal. The idea of the game is actually quite simple but the gameplay itself is truly addicting and really does have a fun quality to it that is hard to find a lot of physics games. At least for me. The physics and adventurous play style will have you trying your very own creations for hours on end trying to three star every level. I played it for an hour or two straight the first time after I installed it. If you are into physics based games, and have loved every Rovio title so far, definitely pick this game up and give it a try. I especially like the fact that there are multiple possibilities for creating a chain reaction to finish each level. This gives it some replay value in a sense. The game comes in three different forms. You can pick up the free version which of course is ad-supported, the regular version for $0.99 and the HD version for $2.99. You can find the links to each game in the play store below. Feel free to post when you have three stared every level or if you get stuck on a certain one and would like some tips. Have fun and see what you can create.


Amazing Alex free

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex HD


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