Featured: Equiso Smart TV Brings Android 4.0 to Any TV


While Google TV set top boxes are still scrambling to make any sales, a new start-up is hoping to raise at least $100,000 through Kickstarter to ship Android 4.0 on a USB stick, that you can use to make any TV smarter. They've already achieved their goal with 11 days to go, but you can still pledge $69 to get your own device shipped next month.

The OS and UI seem to be pretty much what you'd expect from the stock Android OS, so it's not very optimized for the big screen experience, but then again Android 4.0 doesn't look too bad on it. It also seems to run pretty well for the price you're paying. That's because it doesn't run on a chip built on the ancient ARMv6 architecture, like ARM11, which is the same CPU found in Raspberry Pi, and basically all low-end smartphones.


It comes with Cortex A5, which is based on ARMv7, like all Cortex chips, which means it's faster, and it gets better support from Google and other developers who don't have to build their apps for 2 different ARM architectures. As an example, you'll be able to run Chrome on this, while you wouldn't be able to run it with an ARM11 chip.

The remote that's included with the device is a wireless one and it gives you some of the benefits of a touchscreen phone, so you can use the accelerometer and gyroscope to play Angry Birds or other such games. You also have access to many other Play Store apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Twitter and so on.


Full Specs:

Smart TV

  • Android 4.0
  • 1Ghz Arm Cortex A5 Processor
  • 512 MB DDR3 RAM
  • Mali 400 3D Graphics Processor
  • 802.11 N wireless radio
  • 8 GB Memory Internal
  • 1.4 HDMI Plug n' Play Interface, 3D, ESD protection, CEC
  • USB 2.0 Plug n' Play Interface
  • USB 2.0 Micro – Powering of the Device (For TV's with no MHL)
  • Dimensions 80mm x 30mm x 12mm

Interactive Remote

  • Full Keyboard (QWERTY)
  • Accelerometer + Gyro
  • 2.4 Wireless transceiver
  • USB 2.0 Micro – Powering of the Device
  • Dimensions 146mm x 42mm x 12mm

If you want to pledge your support and pre-order one, go to their Kickstarter page, and donate at least $69.