Featured: Court Documents Confirm Samsung Working On An 11.8" Galaxy Tab


Samsung vs Apple trial has officially kicked-off in California yesterday. Well, the legal dispute has not been fruitful for either of the companies yet but it has definitely brought out some secret information about Samsung's future plans. A document submitted by Samsung shows of the roadmap for 2011/2012 and references to a model "P10" tablet that sports an 11.8" display with 2560 x 1600p resolution (WQXGA) pixel density of 256 ppi, 16:10 aspect ratio and features LTE connectivity.

It was released by unofficial sources that samsung is working on an oversized tablet with "Retina" like display and it will be announced at MWC. However, Samsung put those rumors to shame at MWC by announcing nothing special. Well, now the court document refer to the tablet as a 2012 product and there are big chances that Samsung might announce it later this year. We have already reported that Samsung is hosting a "Galaxy" event on 15th August and it might be the day of revelation about an 11.8" Galaxy Tab.

Before you go about bashing Samsung for stealing Apple's Retina technology, you should know that Samsung is the largest manufacturer of LCDs, AMOLEDs and also develops the Retina displays for Apple. So, it can use the technology for itself as well.

Now we have 3 different devices that we think will be announced at the Galaxy press event next month. A quad-Core Galaxy Note 10.1 with 2GB of RAM, a slightly bigger successor to the Galaxy Note 5.3 and the 11.8" Galaxy Tab or maybe Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy Note 10.1 to 11.8, possible right?

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