Featured: AT&T Galaxy Note and Galaxy Skyrocket ICS Updates Are Now Available. Get Them Here

We're now into the 8th month since the ICS version of Android was available, and Samsung is just now making the updates available for their AT&T Galaxy Skyrocket (Galaxy S2) and their Galaxy Note. Still better late than never. In a way, the ICS upgrade being much slower is understandable because ICS had a lot of core changes, compared to the Gingerbread upgrade. JellyBean should be a much easier upgrade, so hopefully they release that upgrade well before Android 5.0 lands this fall, at least on their more popular devices.

This ICS upgrade should make the devices run smoother, make the OS more stable, and unfortunately not much else, other than perhaps some improved API's that allow developers make better apps for ICS devices. But the bad part about this ICS upgrade is that Samsung didn't change the UI at all. It kept it exactly the same as the Gingerbread-based one, instead of at least switching it to the "Nature UX" UI that's found on Galaxy S3. The looks of the ICS OS is one of its biggest benefits, and Samsung tried to hide all of that with what I'd say is an uglier UI.

That being said, the upgrade is still well worth it, so if you own an AT&T Galaxy Note or Galaxy Skyrocket, you should head to the links

It's easy to get the update (free of charge). Here's how:

1. Depending on your device, visit either www.samsung.com/us/attgalaxynote/update or www.samsung.com/us/attskyrocket/update

2. Download and Install the Samsung Kies Upgrade Program  on your PC.

3. Connect your device to your PC and follow the instructions on Samsung Kies to get the update.

For more information, customers can also visit www.samsung.com/us/attgalaxynote/update or www.samsung.com/us/attskyrocket/update, depending on which device they use.

below to get the installation instructions and all the details about the upgrade:





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