Featured: Apple Claims Samsung Knew They Were Ripping Off The iPhone During Entire Development

Apple and Samsung going at it again in the airwaves? That hardly ever happens anymore. All sarcasm aside, the patent disputes and arguments that Apple has against Samsung seem to just heat up as the weeks go by. Recently, since Apple's efforts to impose an injuction on Samsung's devices has proven to be a failure, they wanted the company to pay a settlement of just over $2.5 Billion.

Obviously, Samsung didn't have any of that and rejected their settlement offer. Now, Apple is fighting back with some very bold accusations, none of which make Samsung look good. Basically, the tech giant filed court documents that claim Samsung knew they were ripping off Apple's designs the whole time they were building their own products and decided to go through with it anyways.

And after it came out recently (from Apple of course) that Google told Samsung not to copy Apple, this definitely isn't helping. To sum everything up as quickly as possible, Samsung copied the design of the iPhone and iPad deliberately hoping to free ride on their success. Of course, it's been determined already in the UK that the Galaxy Tab does not infringe the iPad design patent and their line of Galaxy smartphones have still not been met with an injunction.

While the designs are similar, yes, there is only so many ways to design a rectangular touchscreen device. The battle between the two giants seems to be close to hitting a tipping point and hopefully it's shown that Apple's patents simply don't hold up. As far as their claims of Samsung intentionally copying, if they are true and proven to be true in court, it's going to be a bad day for the South Korean conglomerate.

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