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Description: If you're here at Android Headlines then there's a healthy chance that you love hearing about anything to do with Android full-stop. Drippler is an app that will help you do that like never before. Firstly, this isn't just another news app, this is an app solely for Android news, you like Android? You're going to love this app. Secondly, Drippler will tailor the news you receive for whatever device you're using, you'll never miss an OTA update again thanks to this. Drippler is a one-stop shop for Android news, regardless of what device you're using and makes getting this news a lot easier. The app will also let you know about fantastic deals as well so you'll never miss out on an app sale again.


How It Works: Setting Drippler up couldn't be easier, just install the app from the Play Store, launch it and that's about it, the app will ask you what device it is you're running and from then on it'll tailor news updates to your device and of course keep you in the loop concerning apps and games throughout all of Android.

There are a number of tabs across the top of the app which is how you get around the app. There are tabs for the Latest news, Popular news, a tab for Deals and a tab to sync it all up with your Facebook account, taking all that news social. Drippler is easy to navigate and a very speedy app. If you find something you want to read then all you have to do is click on it and the app with display the whole article in the app, with no need to take you to your web browser, making news a breeze to read with Drippler.


You can easily share news on both Twitter and Facebook thanks to the app's handy icons in the upper right, with a further menu to the left allowing you to share by e-mail etc. You can always read the source article on the left of this as well as easy navigation buttons to go forward and back through the list of articles.

Drippler offers periodic notifications on the news you want to hear about and you can control or turn off these notifications whenever you want by going into the app's settings. There's an intuitive slider to control how often you want notifications come through with a real nice touch.


Opinion: As somebody that writes for an Android news site, one of the best if I do say so myself, you'd expect me to care about the latest news and, unsurprisingly, I like to be informed. Drippler keeps me informed in a way that other apps haven't been able to. I don't much bother with RSS as I can never bring myself to sort out a source list and in the end I don't think to look at whichever reader I'm using. In short, I find the whole process a bore.Bothtouchscreen Salsa mobile phones and LED HTC chacha phones support numerous mobile applications.

Drippler, on the other hand, gets me the news I want without any hassle or fuss and it's great to have the app on a phone to get the news wherever I app. I dislike shopping and so whenever I am shopping with my girlfriend, I hit the net on my phone, Drippler has made this process easier and more comfortable.


As somebody that loves Android very much it's great to see an app that delivers me Android news and only Android news quickly and easily. With high resolution displays becoming the norm on phones it's easier and easier to read content on them and as such Drippler is a must have for any Android fan.


  • Speed (5/5) – Drippler gets you the news you want as quick as you'd like, what more could you want?
  • Features (4/5) – The app is well featured and ties in to social networks how you want it to.
  • Theme (5/5) – As phone apps go this is one the easiest and nicest to use, there's no hassle with navigating and everything is laid out well.
  • Overall (5/5) – After living with Drippler for some time now, I've not experienced Android news like this before.

Conclusion: This is one of those applications that you only realise how good it is once you've spent some quality time with it. Having spent that time with Drippler I can confirm that it's a great app for getting the Android news that you want, when you want it. Being able to have this news tailored to your device is fantastic, to know about the developments surrounding your device and software updates is a boon for any Android fan.

These days, the software is a lot more important than the actual phone itself, to be updated about the latest apps and games is awesome. Drippler also makes it super-easy to share this news with your friends, often there's a good chance that your friends or followers have a phone or a similar model, being able to share news on apps and games is going to be a lot of fun.

Drippler is an awesome app and something everyone should check out, you can get the app in the Play Store here.

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