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Description: Much like the phone version of Adaptxt's keyboard the tablet version aims to deliver a speedy and powerful typing experience to those looking for savior from the default Android keyboard. The default keyboard included in both Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich is hardly anything to marvel at, it's clunky and the word prediction is as limited as it is on the phone version. The developers over at Keypoint Technologies aren't content with just delivering their fantastic phone keyboard – which you can find more about here – they're at it again with their fantastic tablet keyboard. Making a welcome return is Adaptxt's "Next Word Prediction" that system is incredibly accurate and has a powerful learning system that picks up your habits throughout the OS as well as social accounts such as Facebook and the app will also allow you to import from the Android dictionary as well, making the transition seamless.

An added feature here is the handwriting part of the keyboard that enables you to write in letters as an input as well, perfect if you bought a stylus and haven't found a use for it, besides making it easier to play Angry Birds. The add-on system is back and just as powerful as before, in fact more so on a tablet, with over 50 languages and industry-specific language available such as Business, Medical and Law dictionaries available for a number of different regions this keyboard is a serious productivity boost.

Presentation: As with the phone keyboard, Keypoint Technologies have done some real good work to create a pleasing keyboard that isn't another "me too" product. Adaptxt Keyboard for tablets is laid out well to give just the right balance between how much room it takes up on the screen and how big the keys are. It blends in nicely with Android 4.0 and will look at home in 4.1 as well, the nice black default theme is nice to look at and characters are super easy to find. The keyboard does a fantastic job at getting out of your way without leaving you in the dark, either.


There are two layouts on offer as well, one split and one full, which you can assign to either portrait or landscape which is awesome. On smaller tablets – like the new Nexus 7 – a full layout for portrait makes sense and a split layout for landscape, with larger tablets the reverse is applicable, and the app lets you change whenever you like. The keyboards word suggestions are laid out nicely across the top of the keys, with arrows at either end of the keyboard offering you further suggestions. Overall, the keyboard looks nice and is smooth in operation as well.

How It Works: Once you've downloaded and installed the Keyboard itself you then to have set up at least one add-on – this is going to be your default input language of course, you can change these later as well. Adaptxt for Tablets will take you through the set-up step-by-step fantastically, even if this is the first keyboard you've installed yourself you'll never be lost as the app does a great job of guiding you through everything.


Once you've got the keyboard set-up you'll find the remaining settings listed in your app drawer under "Adaptxt", this is a great point of reference if you're the type of person that likes to customise things as there's a lot of changes offered to you. There's the add-on system in which you can prioritise add-ons, great if you use your tablet and work and also at home, this lets you control the word suggestions that Adaptxt's powerful word correction will suggest for you. The setting menu is set out efficiently for use on a tablet and is laid out to enable the user to change whatever they want quickly and easily, with no hassle.


Opinion:As I said in my review of the phone version of Adaptxt I would try a number of keyboard alternatives and settle back to the default Android keyboard, until Adaptxt came along. On my tablet(s) however, I find myself constantly trying to get away from the stock keyboard and nothing has even come close to offering me the sort of fit that Adaptct has. THe keyboard is easy to use, doesn't get in your way and offers so many word suggestions, that evolve over time, it makes e-mails incredibly easy to send back and forth. It worked flawlessly on both my HP Touchpad and my 7" Acer A100. Giving different, yet full typing experiences on the both of them. Adjusting the layouts made it much, much easier to input text on the A100 and on the Touchpad, typing in portrait with a split layout was speedy and didn't have me swapping orientation to type a web address like before.
Adaptxt for Tablet offered me some premium features without the hassle that typically comes with it, I didn't experience any problems whilst using the keyboard and it only got better as time went on, quite frankly it was a welcome breath of fresh air when it comes to text input. For many of us a tablet the primary use boils down to web browsing and e-mails, if these e-mails are work related you know it can get frustrated taking a long time to type very little but, thanks to Adaptxt you can send e-mails quickly without getting weighed down due to the excellent add-on system and its speed and ease of use.



  • Speed (5/5) – On both my dual-core tablets there was no slow down and it kept up with my fingers and thumbs wonderfully, imagine this on a quad-core tablet!
  • Features (5/5) – If you thought that the phone keyboard was packed full of features then you're in for a surprise, the tablet version brings all of this and adds handwriting and split layouts to boot. Swiss army knife of keyboards, right here
  • Theme (4/5) – If anything I'd like the keyboard to be a tad taller but, the powerful word suggestions are super easy to input and even find further suggestions.
  • Overall (5/5) – Never before have I found a keyboard that slots into use so easily with so many features. If you're looking for a better keyboard on your tablet then, this is it.



  • Adaptxt for Tablets is more than a viable replacement for the default keyboard its a fantastic keyboard full stop.
  • With the innovative split keyboard layouts for landscape or portrait, moulding this to your typing style is super easy.
  • Having handwriting support on tab is also great, allowing you to put that stylus to use quickly and easily.
  • On a tablet you're more likely to write larger bodies of text, having to proof read them is horrible, Adaptxt's word prediction means you won't have to.
  • If you're a tweaker then this keyboard lets you do want you want with it.




  • I'd like the keyboard to be a little taller but, then again I have huge hands.
  • I wish there were different sizes for the keyboard as well but, it's not desperately needed

I live on my tablets, I bought my first one to replace my laptop and I didn't do anything more on my tablet than I did on the laptop. The biggest thing to overcome the transition however, was the lack of a physical keyboard. It'd have been a lot easier if the default Android keyboard was up to scratch but, it really isn't on tablets. To that end I've tried a number of different keyboards for tablets and I have to say that they've all left a lot to be desired, apart from Adaptxt's offering. The ability to choose layouts for either landscape or portrait alone has me sold on the keyboard but, couple that with Keypoint Technologies' fantastic add-on system that turns the keyboard into a vast dictionary relevant to not only everyday language but also to indistry specific fields making this keyboard a must have if you use your tablet for work even a little bit.


If you're looking to improve your typing experience on your tablet then this is the keyboard to get you there. You can get Adaptxt for Tablets in the Google Play Store here. Quite frankly, you'd be crazy not to give this one a try, crazy!

If you tried the tablet version of Adaptxt and liked it then perhaps try the phone version? You can read our review here and a video look at the keyboard here, as well as a comparison between it and SwiftKey here.

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