Featured: Android May Have to Change Due to Anti-Trust Suit

July 22, 2012 - Written By Christina Gardner

It seems that Google is a huge target lately for the technology world. A European Commission antitrust has started to “investigate” Google. This investigation could result in Google having to make significant changes to their Android Platform.

A report given out by the Financial Times, gave readers insight on this situation. Negotiations have been out in the “water” for weeks now, according to EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia. If a deal isn’t reached soon, Google could receive a multi-billion dollar fine.  The case has been out since November 2010 when “the commission opened an antitrust investigation against the search giant. They claimed that Google had “abused its dominant position in online research. From that point, a “large-scale market investigation” was conducted.

In the roundabouts of May, Google had been asked to change the way it displays its search results and alter the agreements they had with advertisers. Google then responded to these demands, but were not willing to give in on every demand asked.  Almunia was concerned that Google was giving its own products preference in search, and demanding unfair terms with advertisers. When Google was questioned regarding this statement, they denied that they had done any type of wrongdoing.

Since then, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has now become involved in the investigation regarding the same issues. They are still in the investigation process, which involves watching Google’s business practices and have been undecided on whether to bring a case against Google or not.

Google has a very big target on their backs it would seem. Let us hope that this is just all some false ploy to get Google and Android destroyed from the mobile world.