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The last month has been a big one for Android Gaming. This week I'd like to feature my personal favorite game of the moment and what keeps me from putting down my smartphone and my nexus 7. I'm talking about Dead Trigger. Everyone loves a good Zombie shooter, and I love anything that comes out of madfinger games studio. So, it's safe to say that Dead trigger would be a major hit. Well, it's been out for a couple of weeks now and it certainly has taken off in the play store. It has hit a snag here and there that has kept it from getting the praise I think it really truly deserves. I'm talking about the choice that madfinger made to change the game from $0.99 to free. I urge anyone to look past the fact that they paid less than a buck and start thinking about how awesome the game really is. Sure, it's a zombie first person shooter. So the game might feel a bit redundant at times. But, I think madfinger games has done an excellent job at helping abolish that redundancy feeling by giving us tons of content and plans to update the game as much as possible with more free content. The game is downright amazing. Period! Forget about the dollar price tag you had to pay while others now get it for free, forget about the optional in-game purchases. Cause they're optional. Not required to play or even beat the game. Just play it. Love it, and play some more.

Let's take a brief look at the game. It starts off looking like your typical zombie FPS. Yes, this is the basic frame of the game. You start off with one weapon and later gain in-game funds through game progression to purchase more weaponry and upgrade its damage output and even can spend money on character upgrades and items for use against your undead foes. Plenty of guns and even some non-guns to choose from already would make this game fun enough. On top of that you get the choice to use enhancements like grenades, blade cutter machines, sentry guns, and more to help you in the slaughter. You can upgrade your character to carry more than one weapon at a time and more than one item at a time. The missions that have no tie to the storyline are ever populating so you can replay them over and over and over which gives the game its endless playability. If you choose to you can follow the storyline first or even in between some of the non-story based missions. I've found that mixing the two can sometimes help you progress easier by gaining cash from non-story missions to buy weapons for use in the missions that tie into the game's plot. Seems to work for me anyway.

Now if all the cool weapons and power ups aren't enough alone to keep you playing, the graphics will surely help get you hooked. Madfinger has made the game so it would be supported on virtually any device, but if you own a device that sports an nvidia Tegra 3 chip, than this game was made especially for you. Dead Trigger is optimized for Tegra 3 devices so you get special graphical enhancements like spectacular ragdoll physics and water simulations. Nothing adds to a feel of the game like water dripping down the display while you're trying to blow a zombies head off. I like to use the Bren by the way. It's pretty much the weapon of massacres once you upgrade it twice. The graphics are just the tip of the iceberg though. The zombie AI is ever evolving so they get faster, smarter, and more difficult as you gain levels into higher rank. This will definitely keep you on your toes and on the edge of your seat while trying to react with cat-like reflexes to avoid being eaten alive. With plenty of ways to kill zombies, unlimited random missions or the availability to follow the game's storyline, you will be playing through this game for hours on end. Trust me.

A recent update that had gone out for the game the day that it was offered back onto the Play store for free also fixed some bugs that I had noticed with the game, as well as added support for save states, through a backup and restore system via the cloud. This is a fantastic feature if you're someone like me who carries around multiple devices. Now I can freely play through some levels in the morning on my Nexus 7 and back it up to my cloud profile, then carry on at work or on lunch with my galaxy nexus. All from where I left off. The overall feel of this game is that it gives plenty of action to gamer who's looking for a good FPS. The added benefits are of course the spectacular graphics that really display the quality that Android gaming has reached and mobile gaming as a whole, and the unlimited replay possibilities. Once you get to a high enough rank to pick up the mini gun and beyond, you will not want to put this game down. I took the liberty to give you a video and some screenshots below so you could check out the game. Also, I have added the play store link below as well, so... you know... you can exact revenge on the zombie apocalypse.


Dead Trigger

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