Featured: 16GB Nexus 7 Back in Stock at Google Play; Quickly Now!

July 30, 2012 - Written By Tom Dawson

So, if you were one of the many that were holding out on the 16GB version of the Google Tablet then now is your lucky day. The 16GB variant of the tablet has just come back into stock on the Play Store website meaning that for $249 you get twice the amount of storage. Not too shabby if you ask me but then again, I’m not a normal person when it comes to storage, I either go and get too much or regret not having enough so, it’s safe to say that I’m happy to see the Nexus 7 in its 16GB form alive and kicking.

The lack of a microSD card slot on this thing didn’t exactly thrill me when it was wheeled out on stage of course, you can’t expect to get everything for that fantastic $199/$249 price tag.  Especially when you’re getting a quad-core Tegra 3 and a gorgeous IPS display at a stunning 1280×800 but still, storage is a big thing to a lot of people so it’s nice to see that Google have at least catered to some of us with a 16GB version of the tablet.

If you’re looking to snap one of these up then, I suggest you hurry on over using your favorite browser as chances are, these aren’t gonna last all that long. Seeing as even the Nexus Q sold out almost instantly even with its questionable pricing, a 16GB, Tegra 3 Nexus Tablet isn’t going to last all that long now is it?

You can get the Nexus 7 16GB here.