Amazon to "fire" up social gaming for the kindle

Word through the wire is that amazon will soon add social gaming features to their Kindle Fire tablet, news reports from Bloomberg say. While these social gaming features are not currently available for stock android devices, it seems there is some plans to release the features for other devices later on. There is just no date of release as of yet. The reality is that it isn't as easy for developers to add the social feature aspect to the games they put out on the Play Store, but apparently what Google is going to do is make a simple sdk that developers can use to more easily add in social gaming to their already existing and published apps. Now I know this may not seem like the most exciting new setup but think about it. Games are becoming ever more popular when played with other people. The social or "multi player" experience in a game today is a big part of what makes a game so popular and why they are so successful. This of course is not the only reason, but it's more evident that people want the ability to play socially. I personally love being able to see high score boards and see how I stack up against other players. It's a little healthy competition for in game status and that has always been part of the fun of games for me. It's like that extremely hard to get kill in games like HALO or Call of Duty. It just feels great to be able to rub it in your competitors face. Or maybe that's just me. This new experience for people that are gaming on the Kindle Fire platform will surely make a lot of users happy to be able to play and interact with each other in this way. Say hello to leaderboards and achievements. As someone who plays xbox games for achievements, to me this seems like a rather splendid idea. What say you readers? Are you using a kindle Fire and will this even matter to you? Or are just waiting for this to become more available on certain Android games you play on other devices?

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