Featured: NVIDIA Announces 5 New Tegra Games

Gaming is bigger than ever. More specifically, we've seen android mobile gaming attract a huge number of followers. It's made leaps and bounds this past year that people were skeptical of. Most of this of course is thanks to NVIDIA and their Tegra chipset which has allowed for developers to really open up the capabilities to bring us gamers a rich and engaging experience while on the go. Because of them, (and of course the developers. Let's not forget them playing a small role in this.) I can mow down an evil empire with a wonderful array of weaponry in arguably the best third person shooter on the Android platform. You all know I'm talking about Shadowgun THD. It seems NVIDIA aims to bring us even more titles for us to immerse ourselves into as they have announced that they will be demoing Five brand new Tegra optimized games at E3 2012. The list sounds promising and I personally can't wait to get my hands on a few of them.

Dead Trigger

Now just because I'm such a fan of MADfinger and the work they do, let's go over their game first. Yes, you fans out there heard correctly. MADfinger is releasing a new title and it is supposed to be released by the end of this month!! It's a Zombie First person shooter called "Dead Trigger" and it looks awesome. I have checked out many of the screenshots, watched the teaser trailer video and the Tegra 3 optimized features video and this game is going to bring the house down. The game will be enhanced with features only the Tegra 3 processor could support like ragdoll physics, specular lighting, volumetric fog, and lifelike water shaders. It will also contain high quality 3D audio and just like all the other MADfinger games it will come with an original lively music soundtrack. The game boasts to give you an impressive number of ways to dispose of waves of zombies and equip you with an arsenal that even the characters in The Expendables wouldn't know what to do with. (That means you Rambo!!! Errr... Stallone!) The coolest thing about this new release is the online service MADfinger is going to be offering. You will receive free updates with new missions, characters, weapons, gadgets and more, while also being able to collect achievements and post them to the leaderboards for others to check out your awesomeness. You view your country's standings and even unite with other players to destroy hordes of undead. On top of all of that you can post your progress on Facebook and Twitter. It all sounds so amazing. Excuse me while I slip into a comatose state while I dream of playing this right this very moment..... alright I'm back. Seriously, watch out for this game!


Demon's Score

Next up in the list of titles announced is Demon's Score by none other than Big Name developers Square Enix. This wouldn't be the first time Square has made the trip onto a mobile platform with gaming but it will be the first official blockbuster title they release onto Android. Here's the breakdown on this game. Demon's Score is basically a 3D action/rhythm based fighting game where you will be performing fighting sequences in real-time to a pretty awesome soundtrack. This means that all your combat is based on of the actions you make in response to on-screen cues during the music that is playing. Sounds pretty wicked right? Fighting opponents will be as easy as swiping across the screen on cue during a song, allowing your player to perform their moves and take down your enemies. Square Enix developed this game using Unreal Engine 3 so you can expect the graphics to be amazingly detailed. Since this is a Tegra 3 based title, you can expect visual effects like dynamic shadows and depth of filed effects, advanced bloom effects, rim lighting and very high-resolution texture models. There is no set price or actual release date but you will definitely be able to pick it up from either the TegraZone or the Google play store upon its release.


Puddle THD

The third game is a Title called Puddle THD. Originally this was a game that you could pick up and play on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation network but it was popular enough to gain some ground and end up on Android. This game is a physics based puzzler where you will utilize the accelerometer on your device to tilt it and move water through each stage to its destination. The Tegra 3 version will of course have advanced visuals like advanced physics effects, lifelike fluid effects and better shadows. The game will come with 49 plus levels of physics based fun to fill your mundane workdays with some excitement. Support for Bluetooth and USB gamepad controllers will no doubt be a very appreciated feature of this game as well( Android 3.0 + required for use of controllers) The game will be part of the openfeint community so you can list your achievements online against other players and hopefully dominate those high score boards. The best part is.... FREE UPDATES!!! New exclusive levels will be available for free to download every week. If you're a little unfamiliar with this type of game think Sprinkle, inertia HD and others of that genre. Basically it means hours of fun, addictive gameplay. Get your thinking caps on and prepare to solve some puzzles!


Bounty Arms

Next up is Bounty Arms. This will be playable for the first time at E3 2012. It is a 3D action side-scroller that will have you moving left and right on the screen as well as backwards and forwards or towards and away from the screen. The game is being developed by a company called Open Reset along with Luma Arcade who is set to release their own upcoming Tegra 3 title called Bladeslinger, and will be optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 3 devices giving us the best visual effects possible. There are not too many details about this game as of yet but I do know that it will support co-op gameplay so you can link up with friends and get down on the action together. There is supposed to be a fun and inviting selection of weapons for use in the game as well which should keep things interesting.


Heroes Call

Lastly is a new game titled Heroes Call. This is going to be a 3D action RPG that will have you busy from beginning to end with immersive quests and battles. You will have the option of playing multiple types of characters with many different abilities at hand to dispose of your foes. Beautiful graphics and mesmerizing landscapes throughout the game  will load you up on eye candy so just be sure to take a break once in a while so you don't go blind from staring at your tablet screen for 12 hours in a row. The game boasts higher resolution light maps, unprecedented maps on character weapons and armor and some extra physics interactions on objects and particles in the game. I personally love 3D action RPG style games. I put in a considerable amount of hours on games like Dungeon Hunter 1 and 2 from Gameloft, and spent the better part of 4 days off clicking away at Diablo 3. So this top down style of play with questing and action packed battles has me intrigued. I just can't wait to see what kind of heroes we get to play and what kinds of skills and abilities we will have in the so-called repertoire to unleash.

So what do you guys think? Any of these games sound exciting? I'm not one for the physics based puzzlers as much but I will be seriously considering giving each one of these games the old college try. Make sure to stay up to date on any of these you find interesting and you can be sure that when they release, we'll be doing some reviews on them. I have included gameplay videos and a photo gallery to check out some screenshots of the games below. Go take a look at some of the amazing action to hit the Tegrazone soon!

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