Featured: Google Set to Unveil Nexus Tablet at I/O 2012

It's been a flurry of rumors and he said she said statements back and forth since the first hints of a Nexus tablet newly found its way to the web and ultimately the world. The possible mind blowing specs crammed into a neat little package all for a devilishly low price has had everyone talking endlessly about what Google had planned for its partnership entry with ASUS into the tablet market. Photo leaks have teased our hopes and even more rumors have kept us on the hook. Well today is no different as more rumors have been laid out for the public ear to take in. The Google Nexus tablet is said to indeed be unveiled at Google's I/O developer conference at the end of the month.

This statement comes to us from Business insider which is a pretty reputable website known for its release of trustworthy information on this sort of thing. It's not remotely new information for everybody as other sources have stated the same time frame for a release.

While this does bring more speculation to the table and even more likeliness that  the nexus tablet will grace our presence soon, Business insider's source could not confirm of that the tablet in question is the aforementioned product that ASUS and Google are reportedly making together. Although I hope that it will be. With all the success of the Kindle Fire that Amazon put out over the last year, it's very possible that we will see the Nexus tablet as I'm sure Google is eager to share some of that success. For those unfamiliar with the Kindle fire, it's a 7 inch tablet that was sold and produced by Amazon running Android 2.3 gingerbread, Amazon took the ever so popular Kindle e reader, elevating it to the next level with android software to offer more than just a beautiful compilation of books, and adding movies, music, apps, games and more all through the availability of the Amazon app store, all for under $200. It's no surprise that Google wants to bask in this glory because The Kindle Fire was one of the best-selling tablets of 2011 and if Google could steal some of that market share; it would prove to be very lucrative for them.

We of course cannot rule out the fact that some other plan may be just around the corner from Google in the tablet market and we could see something with a bigger screen and even more impressive specs. Although a quad-core Tegra 3 processor is quite impressive. All of this comes to us with slight reserve as they are just rumors. Above all, everyone wants to know when they can get their hands on this device. According to Digitimes , the Nexus tablet could very well start to ship from ASUS (makers of the popular transformer tablet line) by the end of Q2. If this is true, then we should most certainly see this device unveiled at the I/O developer conference and could expect to see it hit store shelves and consumer availability at that time as well. Google has never disappointed before when it comes to their flagship devices. So if all of this has been leading up to what everyone has been waiting for, it will surely be a hit with users. All that's known for sure is that Google has something big planned for us in this department. It's going to be cool. Everyone will want one. And you can bet it's going to leave your pocketbook feeling pretty good and fairly unscathed. Google I/O 2012 is just around the corner, and the unveiling of this device is right on its heels. This much excitement hasn't been on everyone's mind since Android itself was first announced! What's everyone else think out there? Offer up some opinions!!!

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