Google IO 2012: What's New In Android Sessions



This is a session that they cover a bit of new android things in Jelly bean 4.1


They covered a lot of things in the keynote, but this goes even deeper. They brought up widgets again, the screen and widget auto conforms to your screen.  Apps move out of the way and if they can not move out of the way you get a smaller widget (we will definitely have a preview of this!) Wall paper picker in dev apps.

There are some animation packages, 3.0 got it, and 3.2 got better, and now we are at 4.0 and of course 4.1 today. Lots of things like fading views and view properties. Code is yet again even easier for devs, good stuff.

More framework of course. Improved textview, support for styled text in clip data, better system wide memory management and database query cancellation.


They showed us some new animations, they opened texting up and it opened from THAT icon. That is a cool animation.

I love how Google always just adds a few lines of code but adds awesome changes! This is again the case.



New locales and fonts including Arabic and Hebrew, very cool! Improved support for right to left text which includes text view, edit text, static layout and canvas.

Accessibility is changing to and there will be a session tomorrow about it.

In jelly bean you now seem to get better data usage and hotspots that are metered will be watched! That is great! Justin and I love this


NFC has great capability, you can get blue tooth and NFC working together. There is a talk that I, Mike, will be at.

A big ovation, first ovation of this session, you get devs to be able to communicate with their fans and commenters on Google play. You also get in app subscription on Google play. You can get apk up to 50mb in the market and extension files up to 4 gb! There are also optimized APK updates, just the new parts update, Justin has this in his keynote as well.

Sorry I do not know a lot of the code. No new icon guidelines.



They are talking notifications, they have a big content view slide up. Showing off how your notifications are shown, looks pretty basic. Now they are showing a slide that is the whole email, not just a notification that says a little bit and then expanded later. You can add buttons if you want, I guess reply to a text right from notifications as seen at the keynote. Or view images right from notifications as well. When you miss a call you can message someone from notifications or call them from there too! Google+ images view RIGHT from notifications, this is great! Devs can do this as well on their apps. They keep showing samples of the code and it looks good, not to complex to my knowledge.

Users can disable notifications if wanted from notification drawer. That is not just Google apps, but all apps. Long press and hit info. Foursquare sounds like a partner in this. Guess Google isn't mad at them and likewise with foursquare, heard they had beef or latitude, but guess not.


Showing spotify and tune in, pulse as well, looks like a good amount of apps will use this pretty quickly! Path is on screen. Nice app, good people. I saw path inc people running around IO.  They are trying to make users lives easier, which is always great, good way to get your devices out there to everyone.

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