Google IO 2012: Project Glass Demo


So far we have had a bang up keynote, we talked a lot of things. My favorite and based on google+ reactions, the favorite of the day was when Sergey Brin stormed the stage, quite literally. He ran on while Vic was talking Google+ and told everyone "it was ready". We then went to a project glass LIVE DEMO! I hope this video gets posted because it was amazing. We went live to a blimp far above the Moscone Center and Sergey had a friend there. The friend was wearing google glass, there were quite a few people actually. The people in the blimp waited to jump, had to get the drop zone and the timing just right of course.

They LEAPED! The sky divers were wearing the squirrel type suits that allowed them to glide and then after a few miles drop, which we all saw live on a hangout, they pulled their parachutes and were guided by their expertise and knowledge right down to the roof of the Moscone Center, we were told it would take TOO long for them to get down to where we were so then bikers did backflips to another part of the roof and jumped a small gap, then a few people repelled down the building, all wearing project glass, at times we got some AWESOME first person views.


Another biker did a few tricks and then came through the door to the third floor of the moscone center and they handed a package to Sergey, that was amazing and it was all done live and it was all broadcasted.
Can you imagine Tony Hawk getting these, or well, maybe some of the current skaters? Either way it could be amazing!

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