Google I/O 2012 Keynote Day 2: Chrome Dome - Part 1

Day2 keynote starts with Chrome. As you know Google Chrome is Google's awesome simplistic browser. It has won the hearts of many, mainly for its easy to use set up. Just a few months ago they released chrome for android, which has debuted as the min browser on the nexus 7, the tablet that was just released and unveiled officially at yesterday's keynote speech.  3.2 billion Users on web traffic today means a lot of potential users for Google's polished and interactive web space browser. AS of this year, Google chrome has 310 million active users. That's an insane amount in just a few years since Chrome launched in 2009. Now, some of you may ask why use chrome? Why not Firefox or internet explorer? Or even opera or safari? Well I'll tell you why. Because of speed. Chrome is built for speed. Staggering break neck speed at that.  So you can see why it's so popular.

Chrome is customizable, which is a really great thing about it. You can theme it, and personalize it to make it your own. The best thing though is that it's versatile. Seamlessly and effortlessly, chrome lets you sync and view your tabs, bookmarks, and settings across all your devices, pc's, macs, or other computers just by having it signed in to your email device. All in the background and behind the scenes. This makes it easy to jet out the door to work and keep all your used tabs from the morning news you were reading, (but couldn't finish.) accessible on your work computer, so you can start your days business, then when you have a minute, take a quick breather and finish your morning news. Let's say your getting hungry and you can't quite focus any more on the work at hand before you get some food in your stomach, and you get some directions to the nearest sandwich shop. Your so excited over the idea that you get to eat that you jet out the door and forget where the place is. Well not to worry, because you have your trusty 4.0 android device on hand with chrome installed, you can just open up chrome for mobile and the directions are right there.  Now you can find your way to food and make it back to work safely and just in time to get those reports done.

Now I know what all you apple users out there are thinking. I'd like to use chrome but Im on ios. The great news is that starting today; users on ios can now find chrome at their disposal.  Chrome for iphone has been announced at today's keynote, and yes, Chrome will be rolling out into the app store later today so if you're a chrome aficionado but you just can't get let go of your apple device, then you can now have both. What's that? You use an ipad for your main tablet? Well then you're in luck. You can now have chrome with ipad support as well so the fastest most popular browser is now available at your fingertips.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for today's exciting keynote announcements, more to come so keep your browsers open and look to us for upcoming news and updates.


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