Featured: Verizon Wants You To Pay More With New Share Everything Plans Launching June 28th


Verizon has hinted at rolling out new plans for new and existing customers, and today it seems on June 28th, they'll be doing just that. The new share everything plans are really geared towards families who have multiple people on their plan. Over the years, major carriers have been getting more and more strict with their data plans and there are very few left who actually still offer unlimited data.

With this announcement, people on a plan will have to share X amount of data across all their devices. Yeah, this is going to go well, especially when you have teenagers that do anything and everything on their smartphone. And you thought you were paying a decent chunk of change now? Oh, just wait until we get into the pricing. Landing on Verizon's Share Everything page, you're presented with "The Plan That Revolves Around You", as well as some of the benefits.


One good thing about the new plans is you get unlimited talk and text. Again, the data plan is shared which we'll get into in a minute. You can have/connect up to 10 devices on one plan, and they'll even throw in a mobile hotspot for free. Anyways, onto the pricing…

There's two separate fees, monthly line access which costs so much per month per device, and then there is just one monthly account access fee which is shared with up to 10 different devices. For monthly line access, smartphones cost $40/month, basic phones $30/month, mobile hotspot, netbooks, notebooks, or USBs cost $20/month, and tablets cost $10/month.

For the monthly account access fee, each plan comes with unlimited talk and text, but a restricted amount of data.

  • $50/month for 1GB
  • $60/month for 2GB
  • $70/month for 4GB
  • $80/month for 6GB
  • $90/month for 8GB
  • $100/month for 10GB

So let's say the devices in your family consist of three smartphones and one tablet. You decide to go with the 6GB plan which should hopefully be enough. You're looking at $130/month just for the devices alone. Add $80 on top of that and you'll be paying $210/month, not counting various fees and taxes. Welcome to the "plan that revolves around you" or should we say, the plan that revolves around your wallet.

Verizon also has a share everything plan for basic phones and a data only plan. For monthly line access which is per phone per month, it's $30 and for unlimited talk and text with 300MB of shared data, it's $70 per month. For data only plans, it's the same pricing for devices such as tablets, notebooks, netbooks, and mobile hotspots as in the main share everything plan, but the shared data pricing is slightly different.

  • $30/month for 4GB
  • $40/month for 6GB
  • $50/month for 8GB
  • $60/month for 10GB

These new plans, while supposed to be better for customers, are far from it. Those who have families in particularly, will end up paying more, and even risk paying more on top of that thanks to the very restricted data ($15 for every GB over). We took some screenshots from Verizon's PDF detailing the plans and pricing which you can check out below. How do you feel about these new plans?