Featured: Top 10 Best News Apps For Android


Everyone likes to know what's going on in the world, whichever world that may be. Whether your interested in the world of technology, entertainment, or politics the news is important. We would like to show you some of the best ways to get your news delivered to you on your Android device. What better way then with a Top Ten News App Roundup. These are the best apps to get your news customized to your interest on your phone or tablet.

It is not simply enough to be a rss feed anymore to be one of the best news apps, you must present the news in new and interesting ways. These are the top ten apps that harness the power of Android and deliver fast, beautiful, and functional ways to keep you up to date and in the know.


1. Pulse


Pulse is a staple when it comes to Android news apps, in case you have been living under a rock go download it now… It is an Editor's Choice and quite simply one of the best apps of any genre. It works great on phones and when used on a tablet it provides a multi-pane experience that utilizes the available screen real estate.


Once in the app you are presented with thumbnails of each article from your selected sources, that you can arrange in any order and sync across devices. Once you select an article you are presented with the article in an easy to read format without any of the clutter of the web. On tablets you are shown the article in one pane while still having your sources available to scan through in the other to locate what you would like to read next. I definitely recommend Pulse as one of must have news apps.

2. Currents


Currents is another beautiful news app, it turns your favorite sites into easy to read magazines on your phone or tablet. It is made by Google and has the expected quality and polish of a Google app. It works great on the phone, but like the others is even better on a tablet. Currents syncs with your Google account for your multiple devices and can be set to sync articles for offline use.


With currents as you can see its much more like reading your favorite sites as digital magazines. You can have tons of sources but the news is delivered more on a per site basis which is a benefit for many. Above is a shot of the tablet layout of our Android Headlines edition which more prominently displays stories and most sites have their current split into multiple sections, such as reviews, Google + post, Featured and so on. Another nice touch is the book icon on bottom left which when selected opens up another pane while still in your article and allows you to scroll through the other stories of your current source. Its another top app which should be on your short list.

3. News Republic



News Republic is a powerful application with a separate phone version and a tablet version. It can be described as somewhat of a combination of Pulse and Currents with your news separated into topics, brands, and even athletes instead of specific sources or websites. News Republic offers all of the news while the developer also has different versions of the app for a more specific focus such as Appy Geek wich provides all tech news and the recently released Sports Republic.

As you can see in the screenshot above I have the top news stories displayed in the left column while I have my topics of interest in tiles in the right pane. The numbers next to the topic show how many new stories are available and you can set up alerts for breaking news in selected topics.  


The screenshot above is one of the unique features that shows you the topics that are discussed in the current article you are reading and allows you to select one and see are the stories that are related to that specific topic. Whether you decide to use News Republic or one of the more specific offerings I recommend you give the app a try and see how it works for you.

4. CNN


CNN for phones and CNN for tablets are both nice apps from one of the worlds trusted news sources. The tablet version was one of the release apps for Honeycomb and displays how to properly make use of extra screen real estate. Both version utilize the design language laid out in ICS using gestures and swiping as the means of navigating throughout.


The most notable feature is the CNN iReport section of the app which has assignments, the ability to upload photos and videos, and view content from others on selected topics. It is in interesting idea and allows users to upload first hand accounts and provide different perspective on current topics from around the world. If you like CNN or have reporting aspirations check out the CNN news app.

5. Flud



Flud is one of the newest news apps on the market and is one designed with a major focus on social.  It has a good-looking interface and is currently only available in a phone version. For starters you have to create an account and have the option of linking to Facebook. Your account allows you to follow other users set up a reading list, and Flud news to others who follow you or share the same interest.

 Above is a screen shot of how each source looks the one shows is Engadget, and you navigate by sliding down to reveal more stories. If you spot something you want to come back to just press reading list and it will be saved for you to come back to later.

This is a screenshot of how each story looks and at the bottom you have the option to share to Facebook and Twitter. The heart is how you Flud a story which shares it to people who follow you and is shown in a list just like a source would be, but is instead all of the stories that have been Fluded to you. It is an interesting idea and a nice app the only thing missing right now is a larger user base to make the social aspect more appealing. The basics of news aggregation are there however and it is worth a try.

6. Flipboard Beta


Flipboard is a beautiful social news app originally for iOS that is finally being released in beta form for select Android devices. We first heard about the Android version when it was announced as a Samsung Galaxy S III launch app. Like many I was looking for a way to get the app on my device and luckily the apk was leaked from S III system files. The reason for it only being initially available for the S III is so that they can focus on specific screen sizes and resolutions in order to provide an experience up to the level of the iOS version.

The beta is currently available for download but depending on which device you have your mileage may vary. I have had no problem using the app on my Galaxy Nexus, and was prompted from within the app today to update to the latest beta from the previous leak.

The beta version is polished and much more stable than the first initial leak and appears like we should see an official release before too long. It is one of the best news app available deserving of its high ranking even in beta form.

7. News 360


News 360 approaches the news with a fresh idea making it one of the apps I keep coming back to. There is both a phone version and a tablet version, but the tablet version is the true star taking full advantage of the extra screen real estate. Like the others you can look at top headlines from all of the popular topics, and if you connect your social accounts it will automatically customize the news to suit your specific interest. It sources from almost all of the quality news outlets and will have no problem keeping you well-informed.

Above is a screenshot of the discovery mode on tablets where pictures of the headlines slowly slide across the screen. If you select one it comes into focus and gives the title or topic of the piece which you can either close or select to open and bring the full article up. The interface is something most will find enjoyable and it happens to be one of the apps I show to others most.

The other key point in News 360 is that when in an article you are given a bar with all of the other sources that have written pieces about that topic allowing you to get more information and different opinions about what your reading. With the elegant interface and ability to see all sides of the news hence the name News 360 this has to be on the list of top news apps for Android and its a treat to have and use all while giving you the latest news.

8. Feedly


Feedly Is what I would call Google Reader on steroids it takes everything that's good about Google reader and makes it a great deal more visually appealing. It is quite possible the best RSS reader on Android. The interface uses all of the Ice Cream Sandwich design language and gesture/swiping navigation of the new Google apps. It also seamlessly syncs with your already set up Google reader account.

Another great part about freely is that is also has a Chrome app for use while on your computer so you can switch systems and still get all your news in one place. If you use Google Reader or any RSS reader I recommend giving freely a try both on a phone and tablet and as some style to your daily news.

9. Google Reader

I don't think it would be right to have a top ten news apps for Android and not include Google Reader.  It has been on Android for quite some time and although it has now taken a backseat to Google Currents it is still one of the best RSS readers available.

While it may not be the most beautiful or innovative news app, it is damn good at what it does. If you have an RSS reader account chances are it's with Google Reader so set up is a non issue. If you want a no frills give me the news kind of experience then this a great option straight from Google.

10. Pocket (Formerly Read It Later)


Pocket rounds out the list at number 10 because it can be used as a companion to all of the apps listed above. It used to be called Read It Later, because it takes all of the articles and stories you see and want to save and makes them available anywhere.

It is available on all platforms and it has nice updated interface that includes all of the Ice Cream Sandwich design elements into a functional and visually appealing way to read all the news you see throughout the day when you actually have time to enjoy it. I recommend Pocket as a great companion to all of the apps above so can see all the stories you come across throughout the day when you have the time.