Featured: The One XXL? A Step Too Far; Not If These Rumored Specs Are True


The above image is, of course, concept art but, it looks nice no?

As always in the Android world, there's been rumors circling that HTC are looking to ready a competitor to pre-empt Samsung's launch of an inevitable Galaxy Note 2. Now, how HTC would go about this is unclear of course, they already have pen input that shipped with the Flyer last year and as such it's not as if the company is swimming into completely uncharted waters if they were to ready and something.


Now, there's a new rumor doing the rounds that HTC are readying yet another variant of the One X in the form of the One XXL, in order to compete with the high-specs that Samsung seem hell-bent on including in it's Note line. However, HTC aren't going to compete with them on screen size but with suped-up specs.

Any rumor is to be taken with a skeptical mind and this one is no different, it's said that this new variant will come a massive 2GB of RAM along side a quad-core Snapdragon S4 – yeah, I did say quad-core – an 8MP snapper round the back and a whopping 1.8MP snapper at the front. The front-facing camera alone makes the phone seem like a good buy as with that kind of quality on a phone its going to land you pretty good quality video chats. You can see the rumored specs in the screenshot below but, as always these can be faked with a simple edit of the build.prop and some XML file tweaking.


We don't yet know whether this is going to be brought to US Carriers or not but if it does this seems like it could be another big hit for HTC but, I question whether or not the company is sticking to the plan it laid out for itself in February of releasing less devices and focussing more on the hardware side.

[Source: Phandroid]

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