Featured: The Nexus Q; Google's First Foray Into the Living Room for $299


Once again, the great rumor mill has proven that it sometimes tells the truth. Earlier in the year we heard reports of Google putting together a home entertainment device and today at Google I/O they've done just that, with the unveiling of the Nexus Q.

The Nexus Q is basically a media streamer that ties into the Play Store and Android seamlessly to get your content on to the big screen and for it to sound good, as well. The device itself comes with a built-in amplifier – at 25 Watts – enabling you to plug speakers straight into it through Digital SPDIF output, banana jack outputs and mini-HDMI out for video. On the connectivity side of things the Q will come with dual-band WiFi as well as ethernet, bluetooth and NFC, too.

The selling point for the Q – besides its awesome sci-fi looks is the ability to control the Q from Android devices. This isn't done with the devices on the same network but rather, the control aspect is all coming from the cloud. It looks like the devices that can access the queue are those that have paired with it via NFC or Bluetooth which would make a lot of sense, you don't want your cousin out of town forcing Backstreet Boys on your party, do you? The Q is connected to the internet and it pulls content from Play servers, YouTube or your Play Music account making the experience seamless and reducing the strain on your devices. The main feature here is not only being able to send whatever content to the big screen but to share content with those around you. Remember the days of bringing a CD or DVD round to your friends' house? Well, this is it for the digital age. With the Q and Android, you can add songs to the queue and take control whenever you want to, making those funny cat videos even easier to share with your immediate pet loving family.


If you were asking whether or not the back of the Q was as sexy as the front then judge for yourself below, of and that ring of light, there's 32 color-changing LEDs in there, oh yes

The Q is going to cost $299 and will is ready to pre-order now here and whilst the price does seem high it looks like Google haven't skimped on the quality here and are looking to expand upon this in the future. Of course, no company, not even Google could offer a device like this without selling the extras so, they're now willing to sell you a $399 pair of nice Triad speakers here and to go with that, a $49 set of speaker cables here. With no word of functionality outside of the Play store as of right now it also seems a little limited but, with Google expanding the store on the TV front it could have enough to satisfy most.


We've got the introductory video for you to oggle at below:

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