Featured: Sprint and a Moto QWERTY slider; The relationship that never was until now

News from around the bend seems to suggest a rumored Qwerty Slider from Motorola could be heading towards Sprint sometime soon. Right off the bat this is big news since I can't remember the last time there was a Moto qwerty slider phone that wasn't in the line-up over on Verizon as part of their Droid series. Sprint customers might be jumping for joy right about now. That is, if you have been jealous of your Verizon Droid toting friends all along. The picture seen above is supposed to be a test phone so we don't have much detail on it as of yet but it is exciting for Sprint users none the less.

How do I know this is a potential release for Sprint? Well, I'm glad you asked. If you direct your attention to the photo above, you'll see that the Sprint music player application is clearly visible inside the phones app drawer. You can see a 5 row QWERTY keyboard with yellow accents on the buttons which is somewhat evident that it is themed for Sprints flagship colors yellow and black. And to me it looks like there are no Soft keys on the bottom of the phone just below the display. What I do notice, is that the notification bar seems to be themed in the colors of Ice Cream Sandwich and are those on screen soft keys I see at the bottom of the display? It sure looks like Android 4.0 to me! This of course makes no difference for me personally as I am not a subscriber of Sprint but I am happy to report and get the excitement flowing for the readers out there who are.

While the specs are non-existent and not much is known about this Moto mirage as I like to call it, there are plenty of questions I'm sure a lot of you must have. Will it be dual-core or quad-core? Is it going to be an HD display? What kind of camera will it have? Who will make the CPU and will it have a competitive GPU inside it for the gamers out there? It almost makes me wonder if Intel will finally start to manufacture the chips for devices that are coming stateside. Back in January Motorola and Intel announced an agreement that will last at least a few years to start bringing devices this way. I think this possibly means that whatever devices we do see that house Intel processors, will most likely be single or dual core chips. As Intel had recently stated that Android is not ready for multi core processors. All of these questions will hopefully be answered soon. Expect us to report more on this device as information comes our way but until then, does any of this get you guys going? Any elated sprint fans out there that have been waiting and waiting for a Moto slider that runs on ICS? Let's get some discussions and speculation going on below I'd love to hear what some of you out there think.

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