Featured: Sony Xperia ION Charges onto AT&T Shelves June 24th at $99 w/ contract

And...... ACT...I-O-N!!!  (see what I did there?) Sony is set to take the stage with their newest flagship handset at the end of June with a little help from their friends at At&t. You may have already forgotten about this device and rightfully so like the many other tech geeks out there. Since it's unveiling nearly 6 months ago at CES 2012, the Sony Xperia ION has been loved and yearned for by people loyal to the Sony product and name. Well thou shalt wait no more Sony followers, lest ye like waiting. But in 6 months, there's a lot that can happen and a lot has happened. In this industry even a few months let alone six, can pave the way for some exciting overshadowing events. Galaxy S III anyone? The Sony Xperia ION is a mid-range device with a sleek and slender profile and actually, some quite impressive specs. And all this for $99 on a 2 year contract! Could we ask for more? Well, yes we could, but that would be greedy wouldn't it? At&t.... Say no more. This will be At&t's second LTE handset so it should be pretty interesting to see how it stacks up against the Nokia Lumia 900. I know, I'm not a huge windowsphone fan myself. They do have their charms though.

So what will $99 and two years of your life get you? Well, I'm glad you asked. This equally impressive price tag will have your right hand (or left) adorned with Sony's  4.6 inch 720p HD Reality display, powered by a 1.5 GHz dual core snapdragon  S3 processor CPU and 16gb of internal storage. But wait!! There's more! You can further expand the storage by adding an additional 32gb micro SD. If you'll be so inclined and will need the most massive hard drive space known to man on your mobile. Of course this wouldn't be the first nor last device to offer that kind of storage capabilities, but back to the ION's features. Should you find yourself in a situation where a picture perfect moment presents itself, worry not. Simply remove your newly "charged" ION ( ok I'll stop with the cheesy scientific references I promise. But maybe one more before then end of this article.) from your pocket and stop that moment in time with the 12mp rear facing camera that utilizes Sony's Exmor R sensor. Game much? GOOD! Me too! Then you'll be pleased to know that this device will most certainly be Playstation certified and comes with a 1,900mAh battery that will allow you to game all into the wee hours of the night. Or morning if you're a night owl that works graveyard shifts. GAME ON!!! (stole that one from the human torch, because the fantastic four were not so fantastic and I liked xmen. There's only enough room for a couple of teams in the Marvel universe and Avengers got the other spot.)

So far the spec list seems somewhat impressive. It may not be able to hang with the super powered big boys of HTC and Samsung, but it's surely nothing to scoff at. The only moderately depressing thing about this new piece of magic from Sony is that it will be shipping with Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread. What's that about? ICS is already here on devices that were released last year... Fail on Sony's part. But I digress, as Ice Cream Sandwich is certainly on the way according to Sony. We just don't have a clue when it will arrive. It's almost like that in law that you know is coming soon and you don't want to see, and of course you inevitably forget the exact time they'll be there so you can't properly prepare yourself. Except... we all want ICS on our devices. So let's make this one snappy, SONY! The good thing for the would be buyers of the ION is that Sony has a great record as of late for updating ICS  to its Xperia line. Minus the Xperia play. Sorry about that one guys. I know it stings. So what say you At&t subscribers? Is this the Xperia ION your Xcalibur of phones? If so, just pony up $99 and you'll be holding the power in your hands soon enough. Avert your eyes to the gallery below and check out a few screen shots of this beauty to be.


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