Featured: PlayStation Gaming is Coming to HTC Devices Soon

HTC One A9 AH logo 1

It’s been a good time for Android on the gaming front these past few years, we’ve seen nVidia throw in with their Tegra line of processors which have only gotten better and thanks to that we saw the arrival of the fabled PlayStation phone in the guise of the Xperia Play. With games getting more graphically potent and closer and closer to the kind of games we’re used to playing on the big screen.

Sony brought their then called PlayStation Suite to their own Tablet S delivering high level gaming on a tablet however, outside of that we haven’t seen or heard anything of PlayStation Suite on other devices. Sony seem like their ready to – finally – open the gates to the program in the form of HTC, to begin with. The PlayStation Suite is now called PlayStation Mobile and will be coming to HTC phones later, the company have revealed at this year’s E3 event for all things gaming.

This is extremely beneficial for both parties, even if it is just the One series that appears to be getting this new access. HTC already have some serious gaming going on in the form of the One X – models running a Tegra 3, at least – but having a tagline to go with that gaming power could amount to a serious marketing tool. “The One Series from HTC, now with PlayStation Mobile” (pay me later, HTC) sounds like a seriously accessible marketing ploy, for your customers to instantly know that they’ve get access to great games is fantastic. It’s not as if Sony couldn’t do with a little help in the mobile arena, either. With sales of the PS Vita not doing as well as they’d like and PlayStation Mobile only accessible from a handful of its own mobile devices having the ability to potentially more than double your audience is going to be a big boost for Sony.

It’s going to be interesting to see if PlayStation Mobile will be coming to phones other than the Tegra 3 touting One X models as Sony have traditionally in the past with this stuff gone with Tegra SoCs. If it does come to Snapdragon S4 models touting the Adreno family of GPUs I wonder if, graphically, games might look better on the Tegra side as they have done in the past.

As always, we won’t know much more until we see this up and running on the devices in question, to which I’m sure many of you can’t wait.

[Source: Android Police, Image: The Verge]