Featured: Nexus Q Requires Devices to Be On The Same Network


The Nexus Q was announced today and there's been quite a bit of a buzz orbiting the orb, like for instance where it fits alongside Google TV and so on. If you were to ask me I'd tell you that this was a fantastic middle ground for Android users that don't have a use or simply don't want Google TV. If you're the type of person that listens to lots of music on their Android devices, as well as movies then this is great for you and your friends.

It turns out that for your friends and family to use the device they do in fact, have to be on the same WiFi network, whether or not this is a technical limitation we don't know but, what we do know is that the Q will support a number of Android devices at the same, alongside these users' separate Google Play accounts, truly enabling you to share content with those that haven't paid for it.

It's a shame that they have to be connected to the same network but, realistically it doesn't dampen the experience at all as the whole idea is to be in the same room as each other, chances are this room has WiFi, right?


As before the Q doesn't have any access to Netflix, Hulu or anything like that and this is also a bit of a bummer but, we don't know yet whether this is due to licensing issues or that Netflix and friends haven't had a chance to update and/or optimise their apps for the new technology.

[Source: The Verge]

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