Featured: Nexus Q, Google's New Media Streaming Device, Made In The U.S And Not China

With many different products and featured announced at Google I/O today, one that stands out from a design perspective is the Nexus Q, a media streaming device that requires an Android smartphone or tablet to access and stream content. The look of the Q is rather unique with a black ball design that sits comfortably on a flat surface, has a ring that goes completely around the center which lights up, and has multiple ports in the back for hooking up things such as your TV and speakers.

Essentially, it enables you to stream content from Google Play easily to your HDTV. Something particularly unique about this new device is the fact that it's not only designed, but also manufactured in the USA. Most electronics are manufactured overseas, China representing a large chunk of products from computers from your favorite companies to game systems and more.

At a time when pressure is being put on companies that manufacture a lot or most of their products in other countries, Google is going against that. This is good not only for the people who can and are creating the Nexus Q here in the states, but also good for the tech giant from a PR perspective. The price is a bit higher than the Apple TV at $299, but that's mostly in part to the increase manufacturing costs. Not only does it cost more to create electronics over here, but it also costs more in wages.

Google is aware of the increased price and is hopeful that people will be appreciative of the sentiment. Depending on how well the Nexus Q does, pricing could go down if sales go well. Andy Rubin, SVP of Mobile at Google, said that this is an experiment that they wanted to try out. And try out they will, potentially finding a way to create even more electronics right here in the USA.

At the end of the day, the power lies in consumers hands to make it a winning concept, or a complete flop.

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