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As much time as we spend on the internet, especially with our fast and powerful smartphones in tow there are times when you just can't be on the internet. There are times when your hands are tied and you can't scroll that page or tap the next tweet button. For this, there is now, iHear Network for Android. As a TTS – text to speech – application it does more than just read out text. It sets itself apart from the pack as having strong ties into the social networks that we so often spend our time on. iHear Network will hook into your Twitter account, Facebook account and it also has the option to browse through iHear's own channels. Which is great if you know you just want to hear about a specific topic as there's tonnes of stuff here. If you're a user of Pocket (formerly Read-It-Later) then you're in luck, too as the app ties into your Pocket account. Meaning that all those articles that you put into your pocket don't need to be read, you can hear them. Check out the video below for more:-


How It Works


The developers here have made it incredibly easy here, all you do is select what service you want to connect the app to and that's it. Setting up the app is incredibly easy and once you've done this you can explore some of the app's more advanced features. For example, if you were to add your Twitter account as I've done then it'll read out as well display any text from a link embedded in a tweet. This is great for those that have their Twitter feeds under control with content and people you really want to hear from now you can in the car or wherever else use of your hands might be advised. It's super-easy to get everything up and running, it's clear that the goal here is to provide great simplicity whilst delivery on features.If you don't want the app to tie-in to any of the networks that you're using then the iHear channels have a wide range of content selected for you.




It's not everyday that I come across little apps that have some real world use like this. iHear Network is a seriously powerful and precise way in which to absorb information without having to actually use your phone. Like I keep saying for those who spend a lot of time in the car this should be perfect. The manner in which the app ties into your social networks is pretty perfect as it allows you to catch up with the happenings from your Facebook and Twitter accounts without having to get in the thick of whatever apps you use for those services.

There's real value in iHear Network for Android and it's well worth taking a look at the application and to see what sort of add-ons the app could offer.

What are you waiting for? Give it a try for free now on the Google Play Store


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