Featured: LG Wants You To Talk To Your Phone, Too


Every so often in the tech world a technology comes along that then causes all the other vendors on the market to jump on the bandwagon and follow along in hoardes. First, it was the touchscreen on mobile phones, then every phone has to have a GPS chip in it and it seems that now, Voice Assistants are the latest. Of course, Apple have Siri and now Samsung has S Voice but, it seems that LG are looking to get in on the game as well.

LG have come out and let people know that they, too, will be offering this sort of functionality to their phones. They'll be doing this through what they're going to call "Quick Voice" and it offers much of the same that S Voice and Siri do. You can use it to check the weather, pull up videos on YouTube, search the web and manage your calendar. The service is said to hit phones in LG's 'Optimus' line of phones starting with the Korea-only Vu and then hitting the LTE II in July. It'll be interesting to see if this software feature will be hitting the rumored LTE II coming to Verizon later in the year.

If Samsung weren't already looking for a lawsuit with their 'S Voice' software it looks like LG wants to be included with 'Quick Voice', we haven't heard anything from Cupertino on this front but, I'm sure they'll probably try to stifle the innovation soon enough.


[Source: Engadget Mobile]

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