Featured: Jelly Beans Arrive at Google's Campus, Now With Video Fun, Too


It's Google I/O time and I think that you all know what that means, it's time for Google's front lawn for a get a little update and today it greeted a helping of Jelly Beans to its family of eclectic Android mascots. With this latest tasty treat the lawn is getting a little crowded, along with sweet Honeycomb, sticky Donuts and cool Ice Cream Sandwiches Google's campus is getting more and more calorific.

Earlier in the day a tub of spilt Jelly Beans turned up at their front lawn and aside from making a mess it certainly confirms that JellyBean is coming soon, whether or not that means it's going to be an announcement alongside a code drop or just some news and a preview concerning the latest upgrade is something that we're going to have to wait a whole day almost – I know, terrible right – to find out. Of course, we'll be there to get you latest scoop on that all week.


You see, this is what I think we love about Google, whilst our own Chris Y is content with a few Gnomes in his front garden, El Goog have to roll out their tasty treats at Building 44 of the Googleplex. If anything, this makes me hungry for some snacks at my desk and it also excites me for the coming features and polish 4.1 should hopefully bring. If you weren't excited enough as it is then perhaps the YouTube Video below might get you a little more excited, perhaps?


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